Being avid make-up mavericks, we are always on the lookout for the hottest cosmetic wonders to hit the shelf. Blown away by the latest skincare, foundations, eye shadows and brushes: our rooms can look slightly less “glam” and more like a hot mess! Therefore we decided to turn our attention to glamourous makeup storage ideas this month.

The idea first struck watching YouTube. As we tucked into our weekly dose of cosmetic magic (we have to limit ourselves) from some of our favourite vloggers: we could not help but notice just how lovely their dressing tables looked. Therefore we dug deeper into the idea of the makeup acrylic storage box.

First fashioned by the Kardashian’s, the acrylic makeup boxes are a nifty idea. They allow hoarders such as ourselves to keep their collection in complete order. Nice! Not only that but some of the higher end ones are quite lovely to look at in our own right.

So the pursuit began on the web to find the very best makeup beauty storage out there, and our conclusion came to Lucy’s Beauty Box. Lucy’s Beauty Box is on the higher end of the acrylic makeup storage boxes: but within their own right. These storage boxes have already had huge acclaim in the makeup world. From top vloggers and grammers, such as Goss Makeup, Brow Game, Beauty Wurld, but to name a few.

You may wonder what sets Lucy’s Beauty Box apart from the crowd. The answer is the sheer quality of the item. Unlike cheaper acrylic this makeup storage is set to last you a lifetime. Not to mention the bling crystal handles which also appeal to our magpie-like tendancies. Also, looks aren’t everything with this box. There are good reasons you should probably make a little bit more of an investment in your makeup storage:

  1. It is less likely to break

It may sound simple but a higher quality makeup organizer is much less likely to break. Causing you less drama in your makeup routine.


  1. It will hold more weight

Your makeup collection is probably quite heavy. We know ours is! Heavy makeup plus cheap drawers spells disaster. You know it already.

  1. It will last you a lifetime

There is something really lovely about investing in a luxury piece of furniture like this. It doesn’t happen often enough in this society. Why not get something that you can treasure forever?

  1. You will never have to buy another one

“Buy cheap, buy twice!” Your Mother probably has always said it, but you never believe it, until you have to buy it again.

Check out the Lucy’s Beauty Box website for more information about their acrylic makeup storage. Available in glossy black and chic clear. They also make the most perfect of presents!