What Are The Physical Requirements To Be A Model?

Beauty comes in an endless range of shapes, sizes and colours. It is also a subjective idea – what some people find ugly, others think is beautiful. However, when it comes to modelling, there are certain physical requirements that must be met in order for a girl to have any hope of success as a model. It is hardly surprising that physical appearance is so important for models considering their body is their main selling point. So what do you need to look like to make it as a model?

What Are The Physical Requirements To Be A Model

How Old Is Too Old?

Youth is essential. You have to look young, but you also have to be young. Some people say that if you haven’t made it as a model by the time you’re twenty, you should give up. While this shouldn’t necessarily be taken as gospel, it is true that nowadays models as young as thirteen walk the runways.

The Importance of Height

Models need to be tall. Girls aspiring to be print models can get away with being about 5’7”, but runway models have to be at least 5’9”. Tall models look more impressive and are more likely to command attention on the runway, whereas height isn’t as important when you’re modelling for print media.

Body Requirements

As a model, you are a walking advertisement for a clothing brand, so you need to have a fit, toned body to best show off their clothing. More often than not, this also means you have to be thin to make it in the modelling world as bigger models will find it much more difficult to get work.

A Clear Complexion

A model should have a good complexion with few, if any, spots or blemishes. The odd spot can be photoshopped out of a photograph, but when there’s more than a few, it quickly becomes too much trouble. Likewise, large, visible tattoos will probably rule you out of the running for most modelling jobs (smaller tattoos that are easily concealed might not be such a problem).

The Right Face

The face is, of course, one of the most important physical considerations and there are few hard and fast rules. Models do tend to have symmetrical features, but most designers look for ‘edginess’, something about your face or your expressions that makes you stand out from the rest.

It may seem superficial listing out the physical requirements of a model, but modelling is a physical profession and a model’s body is everything. The fashion industry won’t care how many degrees you have or what your hobbies are, so you don’t need to have an impressive CV. All you need is the right look and a dash of luck.