The fashion is ever-changing and capricious, and sometimes keeping pace with it can become a quite difficult task.

The fashion is ever-changing and capricious, and sometimes keeping pace with it can become a quite difficult task. You do not necessarily have to renew your wardrobe completely every year to look gorgeous; you just need to know, which elements of your image shouldn’t be saved on.

Every modern woman knows about the golden rule of stylists. There is no need to buy only haute couture clothes. Otherwise, shoes and bags are your sartorial statement and they must be of high-quality! These are the accessories one pays attention to in the first place; these accessories highlight the key points of your image. You can use them to decorate the most unpretentious and conservative image and turn it into fashionable one. And don’t forget that high-quality branded bags and shoes will not only be in your service for many years, but will also stay trendy. We can recall the main fashionmonger of «Sex and the City» Carrie Bradshaw. She could spend more than she earns on a pair of shoes of a big-name brand, because she considered it to be of vital importance!


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It’s a common knowledge that shoes and a bag should match, they may feature the same material, texture, garment accessories. This internet-store will easily complete your image by finding a well-matched pair. Fabi summer flats perfectly match flirtatious and bright Jackyceline IRIS bags. They will fill your image with tenderness, femininity and lightness.

And provocative Vic Matie shoes will be diluted by permanently austere classics by Tod’s.

Tod’s brand collection is represented by a wide range of leather bags D-Ring and D-Bags as well as of Gommini, that is made famous all around the world by Princess Diana.

A wide range of bags by the best-known Braccialini brand should not go unmentioned as well. You can look at Braccialini bags for eternity, for they are the real pieces of art! Every bag is an absolutely unique hand-made one. Bright genuine leather details, incredible forms will allow you to make your own unique image.

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