Accessorizing is the most crucial part of being a fashionista. And without a proper bag or the perfect pair of shoes; the picture is never perfect. Both bags and shoes tell a lot about who you are. And if one is shabby while considering these details of carrying oneself sartorially; one needs some grooming. One has to be aware about the in swings every season; especially when it comes to these two particular accessories: bags and shoes. Here is a guide to fall 2013- fashion bags and shoes.

Fashion bags

Strap, Clutch, Swing Fashion – in Your Arms

Bags can make up for the major part of your fashion statement, if you know what to carry and how to carry it. Fashion bags must be chosen with caution as accessorizing must never overshadow the garments you wear. They are complimentary details and should never be on the forefront. Fashion bags, like any other accessories must blend in well with the overall get up and highlight one’s capacity to carry the ensemble off. Here are a few tips on how you can go about choosing your fashion bags for this fall.

  • Fall apprehends the winter chill and the consequent need for warmth. One can sport this need through the use of warm and earthy colors such as brown, fawn, beige, charcoal and so on. Burberry brings to you its range of squidgy, soft clutch- like purses. Its softness of texture exudes the cuddly warmth besides the use of earthy tones. The heart shaped pattern printed all over adds the perfect welcome note to the seasonal fashion for warmth. This particular fashion bag would go extremely well in parties, soirees and even in a hang out with friends. But never carry your fashion bags with a formal get up as the coziness might be a misfit in the professional environment.
  • But one cannot leave out the professional field as such. After all one has to go to the office even in the winters right? So ladies; for this purpose, the ultimate fashion bags for you would be the Alexander Wang or the Bulgari fall range. One can choose from a range of metallic and aqua colors such as platinum white or ocean moss. Wang bags in this fall come in a sharp profile with pointy edges; matching the personality of the over- achieving career woman. Bulgari is in softer, rounder shapes; offering more space and flexibility for the carrying needs of the fashionista in the office.

Click Your Heels in Fashion

The golden rule of fashion is to coordinate your bag and shoes without failure. That does not mean it has to be of the same color. But the tone should be the same so that nothing stands out of the sartorial fabric. This fall, hewn footwear is the one thing for your feet to sport. Whether it is Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton or Prada; the high block heeled shoes are the ones that would literally raise you in the walk on the fashion red carpet. One can experiment with the various range and shades of colors they come in- earthy, metallic, and bold; depending on the rest of the statement they want to make. Fashionistas; bring sexy back in town, with a dash of the femme fatale. Go experimental this fall and dare enough to create the bold statement of your own.