MODA, University of Chicago’s student-run fashion magazine — absolutely, you scan that right, University of Chicago features a fashion magazine — is not just any school fashion magazine. In step with a recent immature Vogue list, the university’s 10-year-old fashion publication is truly one in all the simplest school fashion magazines within the country.
In a list printed last week examination fashion magazines from colleges like the big apple University, Columbia University, University of California-Berkeley and even near Northwestern University, immature Vogue same that MODA’s ability to combine shorter trend items with longer profiles that “capture the university’s cerebral ‘life of the mind’ ethos'” is a component of what makes the magazine stand aside from alternative school fashion publications.
MODA is a component of a student organization at U Chicago based in 2003 that conjointly includes a style program, trunk shows, and a web log associated an annual field fashion show.
The magazine’s editor-in-chief, 19-year-old sophomore Alexandra McInnis, same that at MODA, she and her workers of concerning twenty five students believe fashion isn’t with regards to covering, it’s concerning concepts.
“UChicago is traditionally an enormous powerhouse in terms of generating concepts, and our affiliation to the university very will have an effect on the manner we tend to approach fashion,” same McInnis, WHO hopes to use the magazine to overturn a stigma that fashion is not a significant intellectual pursuit.
115067776FB044_Premiere_Of_“We’re making an attempt to push fashion as a worthy subcategory of the overall fine arts world,” she said. “I assume fashion has the potential to try and do nice at UChicago. We’ve got folks here WHO square measure terribly intelligent, terribly glowing, and they are accustomed approaching problems from lots of various views. Therefore i believe fashion will very thrive here.”
MODA may be scan at or in print problems printed thrice a year, in line with University of Chicago’s quarter system. The last print issue of the year is offered within the next few weeks.