Many people have not had the opportunity to discover the brilliance and beauty of Murano Glass, as it is extremely unique and could be considered a ‘niche’ product. This makes it even more special to those that have the chance to own a product made up of Murano glass.

Authentic Murano glass comes from Italy and is high in clarity, vibrant in colour and has a special inner glow. You should avoid buying fake Murano glass as it does not give the same special ambience that you would get from a hand crafted, authentic piece. They are specifically treated to create highly prized glass objects, made by skilled glassmakers using their unique techniques. Genuine objects made of Murano Glass are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Murano glass has been made in the Italian region of Murano since 1292, where furnaces operated combined with highly skilled glassmakers.  The quality of their product were so fine, they have lasted up until this very day, indicating the pure quality that can be expected from authentic Murano Glass products.

From Murano wine glasses, champagne flutes, figurines, vases and chandeliers to plates, jewellery, paper weights, wine stoppers and many others, there is a wide range of product availabilities, so you can truly start to collect a range of fantastic Murano glass products!

If you are after a classic Murano glass product, or a modern one, you can have it made from Murano glass, even customized to your needs and preferences. There are plenty of colors, sizes and shapes meaning should you request a product from a skilled glass maker, you will be able to have it crafted to your own bespoke specifications.

The main elements you would find within Murano glass and the creation process of it are as follows:

Sand: In every furnace, sand is a prominent material as it is the main material that makes up glass.

Metal Oxides: These are added to the sand during the glass making process according to the glassmaker’s recipe. They are added according to certain requirements; eg. Colours and consistencies.

 Fire: Fire melts down the sand compositions at high temperatures, which creates a liquid paste.

 4) Hands: The glass maker uses their hands manually to help shape the glass in the way it is required.

 5) Water: is necessary during the work process to cool off

 6) Blow Pipes: Along with hands, blow pipes are a main tool to shape the glass

 7) Moulds: these are used to give glass a basic shape in the production process

 8) Scissors: These are used to cut excess bits of glass to keep the piece well-trimmed

 9) Tweezers: another main tool to shape the glass

10) Murano Glass Master: this is the skilled glassmaker. Without their dedication and skill, we wouldn’t have this magnificent type of glass we call Murano.

Murano Glass jewelry

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