Unlike the uniform clothing of sports such as tennis and cricket, golf is one sport that combines fashion with function when it comes to playing clothes. Over the years, golf clothing and fashion has evolved from simply clothes that protect the wearer from weather on the course to clothes that offer a personal statement of style as well as individuality. Even with today’s use of technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex, there still remains that all-important element of unique style.

Back in the 1700s and 1800s, golfers played in knee length-breeches which they wore with tail coats, this emphasis on looking smart and playing smart still stands today. During the early 1900s, golf earned the reputation of being a sport for gentlemen, and conservative playing clothes of long trousers, morning jackets and ties were popular playing attire of the Victorian age.

During the two world wars, golfers began experimenting with their golf clothes – it was at this time that a more casual playing look became favourable, with players opting to wear sleeved shirts rather than suit jackets. It was this playing era that the bow tie became a popular accessory.

The focus on casual clothing continued during the 50s and 60s when relaxed khaki trousers and polo shirts became staple golf wear.

The 70s and 80s brought the arrival of golf wear in bright colours and patterns – this period also marked the arrival of the funky golf trousers (patterned, checked or bright trousers that remain popular even today). Leading golfers such as Nick Faldo and Seve Ballesteros led the trend in wearing vibrant colours on the green and golfers around the world followed suit by opting for golf wear such as bright orange sweaters, bold pink socks and eye-catching blue polo shirts.

Golf Clothes

It was the turn of the 21st century that sports brands started to take focus in golf wear. The world’s most successful golfers are frequently seen wearing brands such as Galvin Green, Callaway, Nike and Adidas.  While offering comfortable and functional fits and materials, these brands still pay tribute to the golf wear of the past through creating eye-catchingly bright polo shirts, funky golf trousers and even smart golf wear to ensure players always look the part on the course.

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