There are various uses for different sizes and types of awards. Many companies hand out paper awards that are printed on sheets of standard size. Wooden framed awards are also given to the recipient, which can be displayed on your showcase.

 Awarding a plaque in today’s fast moving technology is not only limited to paper and wood work. In fact they are available with numerous options which have beautiful engraved message and theme. A wooden award plaque can also be used as a foundation for engraving words or metal plaques.

 With the given techniques and various tools, you can have lovely engravings on the plaque and make it appear more personal. Without limiting your imagination and creativity, you can utilize various ways to add originality and sentiments to any plaque design.

 Making an award plaque

 Converting a paper award into a wooden plaque is very simple.

  • Cut a rectangular piece of wood
  • Round its edges with a sand paper for a smooth polished surface
  • Make a hanger at the rear side of the wooden piece by placing two screws
  • Draw a piece of frame wire for hanging
  • Apply varnish on the top and side areas of the wood
  • Place the paper award at the center of the plaque
  • Tack it to the wooden plaque with the help of push pins at each corner
  • You can also glue the paper award on the wood

 Placing the name of the receiver

 One unique way of personalizing any awards and plaques is to get the name of the receiver written on it. If it is a wooden plaque, you can have the receiver’s name engraved on it. With the use of numerous ways provided by the present technology, you can use different designs, block letters, and many styles of calligraphy for writing on the plaque. Use block letters as squares, bubbles, parallel designed shapes.

 If the award is for thanking a person then elaborate the reason along with a personal message in calligraphy style, your personal information and some encouraging quotes. For a heartwarming thank-you note, it is preferred to include the words with a personal touch of “I” or “We” in place of speaking as a third person.

 Pictures of animals or nature

 If the receiver is fond of animals then you can have their pictures engraved on the award plaque. Getting animal pictures engraved on wooden or metal plaques is very simple. Just get pictures of animals scanned and then translate it into a plaque engraved in wood or metal in the same manner as mentioned above.

 For nature lovers, wooden plaques can have natural scenes like of lakes, shores, trees, sunrise or sunset.  You can work on various aspects and with elegance on such plaques. Wooden plaques with natural scenes make great awards as they provide the receiver with a fresh feeling. They also make great gifts and trophies.

 Logos on metal plaques

 If your award plaque is made of metal then you can make them look more effective with quotes or logos engraved on them. Quotes engraved on colored or tinted metal are easy to read and also looks awesome. The coating on the upper surface of the metal is removed by the engraving machine which makes the letters more apparent and visible.