Silver jewelry pieces compliment both women and men. They are also very appropriate for dark and fair-skinned women. And with the increasing demand for silver jewelry pieces, more craftsmen and jewelers are producing different types of silver jewelry in traditional and contemporary designs. Silver is also much cheaper than gold. According to data from, the trend for silver earrings has risen significantly, with price as the bottom line.  Let’s discus silver jewelry ideas for everyday wear.

Silver Jewelry s Perfect for Those on The move

Silver jewelry is not just affordable, but it’s also great for those who are busy, and always on the move.  Whether you’re using a silver brooch, earring, watch, pendant, bracelet, anklet or necklace, these items can keep up with your daily activities. You can keep it looking great, with little upkeep. All you need to do is just polish them using a mixture of lemon juice and salt, and you can easily make it look as shiny as ever again.

Silver Jewelry Suits All

Silver jewelry has remained a popular choice, because it is considered a budget-saving alternative to gold or platinum. You can also wear silver jewelry with any outfit, and regardless of skin tone or body shape, silver jewelry will always provide that cool, classic appearance that suits everyone, no matter what lifestyle you live.

 How to Shop for Silver Jewelry

 According to jewelry experts, silver is a metal that is shiny, highly-reflective, and is often described as “white metal”. In its purest form, fine silver can be too soft for everyday used; hence a variant called “sterling silver” is used by most jewelers. This variant consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal (usually copper), which provides the sterling silver its strength and durability.  Here’s how to shop for good-quality silver jewelry.

 –          Visit retail or antique jewelry shops in your area where you plan to buy sterling silver jewelry pieces. Next choose the pieces that you’d like to learn more about. Remember to keep your personal style in mind when making your selection.

 –          Ask the jeweler or the store’s sales staff if they have specific information about the sterling silver jewelry piece that you’re interested in purchasing. Closely examine the jewelry pieces that you are interested in buying, and carefully take into consideration the piece’s overall craftsmanship.

 –          Look for the hallmark “.925” sign, which indicates that the item is genuine sterling silver. You could also ask the sales staff to verify if the pieces are indeed sterling silver, especially if you cannot find the hallmark or sign.

 –          Also check if there are other marks made by the jewelry’s designer. Finally, purchase the sterling silver jewelry if you determine that it’s a good buy.

Silver Jewelry

 The value of everyday silver jewelry items, such as sterling silver, often depends on the item’s details and design.  For example, heavy pieces with intricate etchings and designs cost higher than the rest. And although “.925” is the most common hallmark for items like sterling silver, you’ll find other pieces that note their quality in “sterling silver”, “sil”, or “ster”