Fashion is always in vogue. Planet Earth is becoming a virtual world and fashion has followed the lead too. Thousands of apps are out there ranging from focusing on certain fashion icons like the Duchess of Cambridge, to fashion houses having their own apps like Chanel and Donna Karen, to apps which help you organize your wardrobes. The possibilities have become endless.

Here is a list of six fashion apps every fashion lover should have.

1. is a free app which instantly updates all the information regarding collections and news from fashion houses, fashion weeks, and celebrities. It is available for iPhone, ipad, and Nook Color, and has had over 1.5 million downloads so far. It is a great way to keep up to date about fashion weeks, weekly best dressed lists, popular parties, and above all about what’s trending in the fashion world.

2. Who What Wear

Who What Wear is a free app which lets you organize your closet and have it accessible at your fingertips. All you have to do is take pictures of all the items in your closet and organize them in different categories. So next time you have to go to a cousins birthday bash, you’d know exactly what you’re wearing before you open the closet doors.


This free iPhone app is a great solution for having all your favorite retail brands under one virtual roof. The app houses hundreds of retail stores including big guns like John Lewis, Net-a-Porter, and House of Fraser. You can also make a list of favorite items and then refer back to them when you wish to make a purchase. The app also provides sale alerts from its hosted retail stores.

4. Style and the City

Style and the City is a free and universal app which shares snaps from the fashion hubs like Paris, Milan, and New York. The app provides insight into what the style icons in these fashion capitals are wearing. Users can also make a runway style slideshow along with the music.

5. NYTimes the Collection

This app is only available for iPad, but does quench the thirst of Fashion and New York Times lovers. This app not only provides street and runway fashions but also provides latest news, interviews, and updates from all corners of the fashion world. The app offers hoards of information regarding clothing, shoes and cosmetics.

6. Fashism

This app is a great alternative to going up to half a dozen different people asking how you look. All you have to do is take a picture and upload it, and you will get helpful feedback from its online community members, and then confidently flaunt away your look. You can also make a list of users whose style matches yours in order to get feedback from people with similar tastes.

Fashion is not a phenomenon, for some it is a need. Victoria Beckham had once said that she loves fashion too much to wear a tracksuit, and if you share the same love and passion for fashion then these apps are bound to give you reasons to love yourself and fashion all the more!

Apps for Fashion Lovers

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