While motorcycle jackets are usually being used as protective apparel, motorcycle vests are another option to ensure the safety and can turn out to be an effective alternative of the biker jackets. Biker vests come with a huge variety of designs, styles and sizes for both males and females belonging to all ages. They can be worn as both inner and outer wear in all weather conditions. They usually come without and sleeves and can be worn as formal attire. Over the years, vests have emerged as well reputed trend among motorcyclists. Some of the important types of biker vests are Side lacing leather vests, Concho studded leather vests, braid leather vests, Punching fringes leather vests, Snap front leather vests, and Plaid leather vests.

The Beneficial Features of Biker Vests

Following are some useful features that make motorcycle riding vests worth buying:

The Protective material – The biker vests are typically made of leather that is very reliable and protective material for long-term wear. Leather vests for motorcycles provide serve as protective shield between you and the harmful elements. They can bear huge impacts and abrasion to ensure your safety.

Comfort – While riding on long journeys, your body is more exposed to heavy wind and cold. In such cases, vests maintain body’s temperature enabling you to ride comfortably. They provide more breathability while still sustaining the reliability of tough material. In addition, vests come with technological upgrades to ensure the extreme comfort.

Style – Over the years, biker vests are turned out to be one of the most trendy and demanding fashion or style statement in the market. Black being standard color, vests with other plain colors such as white, green, brown, grey, blue etc can also be accessed. Vests also include patches and appliqués that make them more demanding for style statement.

Patch Layouts of Biker Vests

The patches on vests are just like special designs and logos that provide instant introduction of your company, club or any cause to the people whom you come across. They immediately explain to others what kind of company you have and what you are doing these days. You can design your patch layout as per you taste. Following are some types of patches layouts:

Club and Organization Patches – These are used by bikers who are associated with any organization or club.
Name or Title Patches – Those bikers who desire their name to be made into a patch, they can put it on the left side front of the biker leather vest.


Event or Travel Patches – A colorful road map to your visited locations or the biking event that you have attended can be turned into a patch.