If you’re hunting for a beautiful bracelet online and have given yourself quite a decent budget,Bespoke Bracelets you’ll obviously want to be 100% sure that you’re getting a premium product that’s right for you.

Buying online can sometimes feel pretty risky, especially when it comes to pricey products or something that’s so personal like a bracelet. Therefore we thought we’d put a few tips together to help you take the hassle (and risks) out of your online shopping trip, and so that you end up with a perfect bracelet that you’re really please with.

Find out your size (and do your research)

You may not think about it so much as you would with buying a ring, but the size of your wrist will have a big impact on which size to go for, as it will need to sit right when you wear it. It’s also worth remembering that your size may differ from store to store and in different countries. There’s a useful video here showing you how to measure your wrist for bracelets.

Shop around

As with anything, you’ll want to shop around to make sure you get the best deals and so that you find the best option for you. There are countless sites out there to buy beautiful bracelets from so keep hunting until you find the perfect one.

Stick to sites with a strong reputation

If you’re planning to be parting with quite a bit of cash, you might want to stick to sites/stores that you’ve heard of, and have heard positive things about. That’s quite a good way of reassuring yourself that you’ll be making a sound purchase.

Opt for stores that you’ll also find on the high street

Opting for online stores that also have a high street equivalent (or are sold in department/jewellery stores etc) is a safe bet as you’ll always have someone to go and talk to if you need any advice or further assistance with your purchase. A great example of beautiful bracelets online and also in stores is the ones from Troll Beads that are well worth checking out.

Check out their refunds/returns options

You’ll want to be reassured knowing that if you’re not completely satisfied with your bracelet you can return it easily for a simple, swift refund. Competent online stores will have a refunds/returns section on their site which will tell you everything you’ll need to know/do should there be a problem.

Look at how secure their payment process is

Likewise, you’ll want to know that your personal information (particularly your card and bank details) is kept safe whilst you’re shopping on a site for your bracelet. Check out their payment process to get a feel for this, and see if they have any customer reviews, too