In men’s formal wear, tuxedo has remained the best choice for men. In current era, the trend of tuxedo has subsided due to the new surge of business casual. Most of the men now like sporting themselves with slightly casual dressing, rather than going fully black tie formal. Tuxedo is mostly worn in black tie events where entry is prohibited without the prescribed dress code. When going out to buy tuxedo for yourself, one soon realizes that buying a tuxedo is a lot more than buying a fancy jacket and shirt. All of the tuxedo accessories plays central role in attaining that full tuxedo package look. In terms of shirts, one cannot not go with any other formal shirt, but have to get a formal tuxedo ensemble shirt.

Mostly tuxedo is worn with a bow tie and wing collared dress shirt. Opting a tie or normal collar would destroy your tuxedo look. The wing collar custom dress shirt creates a backdrop to enhance the appearance of the bow tie. It is not necessary for you to go for wing collar only, you can also opt lay down collar, wingtip collar and Mandarin collar. Like types of collar, there are also different types of shirtfronts used in tux. Among the rest, the most popular and mostly used shirtfront is pleated, pique and pin whale. The shirtfront features quarter-inch pleats running down the front of the shirt. These pleats help the custom dress shirt to get apart from other lay down collars.

Wearing Tuxedo shirts

As mentioned earlier that tuxedo is only worn on special occasions where the dress codes are mentioned as Black Tie, Black Tie Preferred, Full Dress or evening formal. On these kinds of invitations, you should prepare your tuxedo ensemble. In fact, most of the men do not have full tuxedo ensemble and can find themselves in trouble. However, we will not allow that to happen to men. For sure, men would need to get a custom tuxedo dress shirt. Without tux shirt, their ensemble will look odd and can cause embarrassment on the big event. Once they have tuxedo shirt, they can sport it with any formal black colored coat. Although tuxedo ensemble also includes tuxedo jacket but that would become too expensive for you to get.

Custom Tuxedo Shirts

Tuxedo dress shirt have wing collar on it to sport it with a bow tie. Men should remember that the tuxedo dress shirt is unlike other dress shirts. It is made of pique cotton, has small black buttons, a turndown or wing collar and pleated front. While the collar and French cuffs are heavily starched to maintain the crisp figure.