If you’ve ever fallen in love with an outfit only to find it’s out of your budget reach by a few hundred dollars, don’t despair of ever being a fashionista! There are a few sneaky tips you can use to find that little black dress at a more affordable price; you just have to know where and when to look before you shop! Visit a high end store that carries the dress you want, and try it on to be sure you like the way it looks and fits. Take note of the store, brand, and price as well as the size that fits best, but don’t buy it yet! Do an online search, using the brand and style of the outfit you yearn for. Check resale and auction sites, as sometimes you can find your outfit new or slightly used at a deep discount. Look for the outfit at online retailers such as NY & Company.

Designer Clothes

If you find it at an online store, check for discount offers on the company website and at discount sites such as Groupon in case there’s a special offer you can use to lower the price even more. Look for the outfit at other retailers, and note the price point at each location. Check back every few weeks, and watch for the clearance selections to include the dress you covet. Keep in mind, you might find the dress in a larger size than what you’re looking for, but it might be easily altered to fit you perfectly. Check with your local dry cleaning company and see if they do alterations at a reasonable rate; if so you may be able to expand your search to several sizes. By holding off on impulsively buying the dress you have to have, you may be able to save enough money to afford the perfect pair of shoes to match!