After the ferocious climb of the most popular shape wear panties in the world Spanx and their creator Sara Blakely, the benefits of shapewear have been accompanied by standing ovations worldwide. However this season shapewear underwear is no longer dull instead it is incredibly sexy.

Shape wear underwear, whether in the form a body, deep panties, dresses or even shorts has played a fantastic role – compressed the abdomen, lifted the butt, achieved the complete disappearance of cellulite magically and increased and lifted the breast. Just this magic of the shapewear underwear has immediately been recognised by many celebrities who when dressed in their evening attire for the red carpet never leave the home without them on.

Although the shapewear underwear that shapes the body is now more popular than ever and looks super sexy and seductive, it has a long history. Historically, women have worn body shaping undergarments for hundreds of years. How can we forget corsets that women have worn until recently? However, current shapewear underwear is worn by all, and not only does it look great underneath those glamourous dresses, especially the slim fit kind, they also come in handy for every day fashion combinations.

In addition to this, another important element that makes this shape wear underwear so popular is its comfort. The shapewear underwear of the past was quite uncomfortable, and although it shaped the body it often prevented free movement, and in extreme cases breathing.

Today’s shapewear underwear is soft and comfortable, extremely sexy and the perfect balance between flattering shape, comfort and modern design. In addition, today’s models defy all the stereotypes about underwear that shapes the body.

And while the women from all over the world have until recently sworn to never let their partner see their shapewear underwear in any form, however new styles of shapewear a making them think twice.
In a variety of colours, from trendy to seasonal, classic black and white decorated with sensual lace or quite simple with no detail, modern shapewear underwear is completely irresistible, and many men are thrown into a trance by them.

The popularity of shapewear underwear is not dying down, and now all famous brands of lingerie have on offer this shapewear underwear, at least in small parts.

How to buy and wear shapewear underwear?

For best results, always buy body shaping underwear in your normal size, never in a bigger or smaller size. They look and give their best effect when they fit like a glove.
Body shape underwear can be worn for special occasions, at work, and even to the gym. In short, body shape underwear you can be worn anytime and anywhere.

Shapewear underwear is designed for all women. Even women with the best shape can improve their figure and the way their clothes look and fit with the help of shape wear underwear.

Shirts that shape the body look best when they fit properly and not when you have to squeeze into it. Specifically, this tactic will shape the waist and create a beautiful bust; the same rule applies to body shaping dresses.
When planning to dance or move around a lot, underwear that shapes the body does not have to be left at home because finally there are versions that are made with quick drying properties to ensure you feel fresh, dry and comfortable.

The waist is the most feminine female body part so why not accentuate the waist with a corset as it can stay invisible even under tight fitting clothing.
If a waist shaper makes you feel uncertain, they are different forms of body used to straighten the abdomen, lift the breasts, and it raise your butt.
Underneath tight pants or tight skirts the perfect solution for all problems are body shaping panties which will tighten the thighs and butt; ‘delete’ the cellulite, but also because of its depth flatten the stomach.

shape wear panties

A body shaping dress is an excellent choice for festive occasions which will stay perfectly underneath a tight dress. Form fitting dresses will hide and imperfections. Also, body shaping underwear is a great solution for dresses made from translucent materials; as a result the body shaping underwear will have a twofold role.