Just because technology is mainstream and mass produced does not mean that your tech-junkie treats need to resemble everyone else’s. iPad, Kindle or cell phone, there are a number of options available to add some flare and personality to an otherwise cookie-cutter but functional accessory and stand out from the crowd!


Cases are available in a variety of colors and styles. They also come in many different materials like:


  • Hard plastic
  • Felt
  • Rubber
  • Neoprene

 All of these have their benefits as screen protectors; however, the leather and neoprene are the most durable. Add in style and leather cases are the clear winner. Leather is classic and never seems to go out of style but the best part is that it is possible to find a leather case to fit any personality or style. They come with sewn designs, burnt in designs and even just the classic plain look – easy to find one that matches your style. Some cases even have the versatility to hang on to a belt or waistband if you desire.


‘Skins’ is the term used for a cover that slides over the back and around the edges of your prized gadget. They are often made of rubber and some have a hard plastic skin that fits snugly over the gadget for added protection. The rubber skins come in a large variety of colors, they are getting massively popular, and some even feature sparkles. Another type of skin is hard plastic that clips over the back of your phone. A hard plastic skin allows you to sport rhinestones and metallic, if that is your thing, but again, rest assured you’ll be able to find your style in no time.


Bags are a go to choice for people with larger items like tablets such as iPads, e-readers or laptops. There are a number of options to choose from in the bag category as well. Some bags are rigid but with padding to protect your cargo and allow you to choose between carrier handles or a shoulder strap. As far as cases go, the most durable choice is leather and you can be sure that the straps will not let you down. If you are considering a higher end or luxury option, they are usually scratch resistant, waterproof and sometimes made of exotic skins for those of you who are fancy and willing to fork out for class, style and durability.

 Picking the right option for you

 It all boils down to personal taste and lifestyle…

  • If you are always on the go or work in a hands-on environment where you don’t sit down often, the skin or case would likely be a great option for your phone. That way it will minimize the number of times you leave your phone lying around, or drop it somewhere that it meets the tires of an unsuspecting vehicle. Some models also protect the screen against scratches, a highly prized feature for most of us.
  • If you have a number of things to carry or a larger gadget, consider a bag. These can be obtained with extra room and pockets for other needed items or in a portfolio style that is nice and slim but still has the feature of carrying straps and shoulder straps. They are really handy as they are suitable for carrying all your everyday needs in one bag.
  • If you do not know what you want, or have a combination of these needs, why not purchase both and enjoy the flexibility. A wise solution for the fashion-conscious, as this way you get to pick the one you like every morning.

 Whatever you do, you will be able to find a bag, skin, or case to suit your taste as well as your needs. Pay special attention to any buttons, zippers, buckles or clasps to ensure they are sturdy and in good working order. In addition, it is wise to check the construction of the bag from time to time to ensure that there are no rips, tears or stitching issues that could potentially be hazardous to your devices.

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