We all know that every movie festival, every movie or music award event and even social occasions are a good opportunity for celebrities not only to promote and present their latest artistic projects, but to also display the new trends in fashion.  For women, this fall brings out the most feminine side of them and, looking at some celebrities, there is no doubt that some fashion trends are worth exploring and adapting to the everyday life. So let’s see what’s hot and new for this season.

1.      Statement jewelry

When it comes to attending the Emmy Awards for instance, TV movie stars don’t hope to just leave home with the big prize, but to also keep the headlines for a while for their taste in fashion. This year, the Emmys was not only a gala celebrating  the best TV series, actors, directors and promising future stars, but also a gala that celebrated designer jewelry. If you paid attention to the starlets present at the event and you managed to see them beyond their on screen characters that you love most, you surely noticed that this year sumptuous pieces of jewelry have been also the highlight of the evening. It is very fashionable this season to wear large necklaces and statement earrings adorned with emeralds and Sophia Vergara is one example that emeralds may be a girl’s new best friends. In real life, it is actually quite difficult for women to purchase and wear those kind of jewelry, but if you still want to look as spectacular as your favorite TV character brought to you by any Time Warner Cable NYC package, you can opt for crystals resembling precious stones and noble any outfit with a statement piece of jewelry.

2.      Bob Haircuts

It is back in fashion and now more powerful than ever. Not only did many TV actresses displayed simple but sensational bob haircuts, but you can also get some inspiration from the recent articles circulating the Internet regarding the most beautiful bob haircuts of 2013. So if you really want to be in the trends this year, besides buying some jewelry, you can consider spoiling yourself and give yourself a new fashionable look.

Sophia Vergara

3.      Animal print and black leather

If you thought that animal print was out of fashion for some years and the rock movement faded away in front of other fashion trends, think again. If you happen somehow to still have kept your leopard shoes and metal rock leather jacket, don’t hesitate to go out in the street with them and make a fashion statement of your own. There is nothing to shout out Hollywood class and style more than this combination and it really doesn’t matter what pieces you mix to get the final effect. It can be a long vaporous leopard dress with an autumn leather jacket over, like Hellen Mirren and Rachel Zoe, or you can opt for a pair of black leather pants and an animal print top or a shirt. You can also add some other animal print accessories to your general outfit, as Heidi Klum does, adding a snake skin bag to her black leather and animal print jacket and dress.

This is going to be an interesting season ladies, as you have so many trends and styles to choose from. It is a daring season also, as the trends in make-up seem to complete the big picture of fashionable, courageous and striking looking women!