Fashion never ends. It is the only thing that changes with seasons, improvises with time and introduces different shades of a particular color. Fashion is all about style, trends and the way one is able to cope with it. It does not matter what kind of clothes you wear or what kind of accessories your appearance is decorated with; all that matters is what kind of colors are you wearing to match your personality. It is indeed true that the colors you wear and carry has a great impact on your persona. This is the only reason why the popular fashion designers choose different models for different shades of colors.

Just the way you choose the best colored outfit to suit your skin tone, you must be careful while choosing the perfect fashion bags to make the crowd turn their eyes towards your bag. Hence, neon colors have been introduced in the market for both – bags as well as clothes. However, it is always said that no matter what outfit you are into, always make sure that your shoes and handbag are of excellent colors so that people not only notice your clothes but also the other accessories that you are wearing.

What are neon colors?

Neon colors are bright ones that grab the attention of the eyes and brain quickly. Although the list of such colors is a short one; we can never put down each and every neon shade in words because the moment we think we are done with the list; a new neon shade in invented and brought into the market. However, the most common neon colors are radium green, peachy pink, bright blue, reddish orange and cadmium yellow. But the best color out of all these is radium green.

Radium green:

Fashion bags help your entire appearance get the right kind of attention and if you are carrying a radium green colored bag, the attraction towards your personality goes to no one else. In fact, Scientists have commented that this is one of those colors that get the attention from the brain first, than the other colors like black, white, pink and red.

Advantages of using a radium green colored bag:

* Colorful:

Even if you are carrying single shaded radium green colored bag, your entire aura glows because this color is extremely bright and colorful. It adds glitters to your appearance and makes you stand out in the crowd.

* In demand and trend:

Neon colors have received a warm and surprisingly fabulous response from the market from the time they have been introduced. Hence, if you carry radium green colored bag, you would never forget it on the table after clearing the bill at the restaurant. In fact, you would never lose your bag anywhere!

* Matches every color:

Pink, blue, black or cream; no matter what color outfit you are wearing, everything matches with radium green color and this is one of the reasons why we would give a rating of 10 on 10 to this color! Once you start using this shade, you’d simply never get enough of colored outfit

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