Most casual bicycle riders wear everyday clothes to take casual rides with the family. However, if you ride to get into great shape, then it will benefit you to wear cycling clothing. Here are some of the clothes, including footwear, made for cyclists that you should wear when working out on your bicycle.

Cycling Shoes

The main benefit of cycling shoes is being able to transfer the power of your legs to the pedals without cramping on long rides. The shoes are made with stiff soles and rigid uppers to transfer power so that you can pedal more efficiently. As with other athletic footwear, there are cycling shoes to fit the type of riding you like to do, including:

  • mountain biking,
  • triathlons,
  • road racing, and
  • casual riding.

Some cycling shoes are fitted with clips to help your feet stay on the pedals when you’re riding. The clips will fit on most bikes, so you don’t have to buy them specifically for your bicycle.

Cycling Socks

To go along with your cycling shoes, you should purchase a few pairs of cycling socks. They are made from materials designed to wick away moisture so your feet stay dry.

The material of the socks pushes moisture from sweat or water to the top of the sock so it can easily dry. Having wet socks can cause blisters, which could tear open and become infected, but cycling socks can help prevent damage to your feet.

Cycling Jerseys

Most cycling jerseys are made from flexible, form-fitting materials, such as polyester and elastane, so they don’t produce drag. Loose material can flap in the wind, which can slow your racing times and cause you to lose sprints or road races.

The material also wicks away moisture so you stay cool and dry while racing or taking a long ride on a nice day. You can buy a cycling jersey in either long or short sleeves to wear in hot or cool weather.

Cycling Shorts or Pants

Cycling shorts and pants are also made to be form-fitting to reduce drag and prevent chafing when you’re riding. Being form-fitting also prevents cycling pants from getting caught in the bike’s chain, which could cause an accident while you’re riding.

Both pants and shorts are padded so your bum and crotch are comfortable while riding on narrow bike seats. They are also made with flat seams to prevent them from cutting into your skin, and the legs of cycling shorts have grippers so they don’t ride up as you’re pedalling.

Cycling Caps

Even the caps worn by cyclists are made to provide them with a better ride. The short brims help to shade their eyes from both glare and sun so they can see the road and surrounding area before them.

The caps also absorb sweat before it gets into your eyes. If you are a serious cyclist, then cycling shoes and clothes can help you get the most out of your sport.