One of the happiest moments in a female’s life is when she becomes a mother. People say that a woman gets a new lease of life when she gets pregnant. In many parts of the world, people celebrate baby shower. This is an occasion to celebrate a recent or pending birth of a child. Guests present gifts to the mother of the newborn of unborn child. There are many types of gifts which are presented in such occasions. Some present baby clothes and some present various other products needed on a daily basis for newborns. Many a times, people also present personalized towels for baby shower occasions. There are various stores which sell such products. However, many people also give orders to design specially made towels for newborns.

Are you also planning to make a personalized towel for a newborn? If you have never gifted such products to others in the past, then you may not know about certain qualities of a high class towel for newly born children and you can use in personalized gift baskets for baby.

Some of the qualities are discussed below.


As opposed to the quality of skin of an adult, the skin of any newborn is very tender and soft. In order to wipe a small baby, you need a towel which is very soft and smooth. Hard quality towels may damage the texture of your baby’s skin. This is surely something you will never wish to happen with your newborn child. If you are planning to gift a personalized towel to someone for baby shower occasion, then better look for a towel which is extremely soft and ideal for a newly born child.


Babies cannot stand any type of strong odor. On the other hand, when a towel is used for many days at a stretch, it tends to emit bad odor. Such odor may make a newly born child suffocate or even sick. When you decide to gift a personalized towel for a baby shower occasion, ensure that the quality of the material is odorless. This will be extremely useful for the child.

Good Soaking Capacity

Whether you use a towel to wipe a baby dry or to place it under the baby to keep the child away from water, you have to use a towel which has a great soaking capacity. This is why you should always order personalized towels for babies which are good at soaking water. If it fails to soak water then it will be practically useless for the child.

These are just a few qualities you should look for in a personalized towel, which you wish to gift to someone during a baby shower occasion. When it comes to baby products, you can certainly not overlook the quality of the products. Bad quality products may harm a newborn. Whether you use diapers or towels or clothes for a newborn, quality should be the primary factor while choosing such products. This is why you should always take your time while shopping for such products. Rash decisions may cost your child dearly.