With spring and summer just around the corner, there is no better time to start searching for shades that are going to be making an impact this year. Sunglasses come in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours, so there is bound to be something stylish out there for you. In developing countries like Nigeria, other than buy expensive brands they look for second hand frames in good shape from Nigeria’s free-classifieds website. If you are someone on the hunt for something different, take a look at some of our hot picks this year.

1. Round Frames

They have been splashed all over the spring runways this year so it is no surprise that these frames are bound to be making a statement.  Round glasses are an edgy and fun pick this season, with thick and contrasting frames being a particular choice. The frames are a slightly on the more adventurous side, so suit those with a fiery and strong personality. The big round frames may seem unusual, but they are a trendy fashion choice.


Oversized glasses aren’t for everyone, but when they work, they work well. These go down well with women in particular, not only do the oversized glasses compliment the facial features, but they are also high on the list when it comes to fashion. Large sunglasses also cover large amounts of the face, so the protection from UV rays is greater.

White Frames

The classy white frames are perfect for summer and work well with almost any sort of clothing. With white being a neutral colour, you will never have to worry about sunglass co-ordination. The white frames are also a step up from your usual black and reflect the sun. a perfect reason to add them to your collection this year.

Decorated Frames

These frames are for the daring, and for those who would like to add some edge to their wardrobe. These fun, funky and unusual designs created by Prada are a great way to get noticed this spring. Tired of looking the same as everyone else? These frames may just be the break you have been looking for.

Colourful Lenses

This is a great example of how frames aren’t just the talking point when it comes to fashion trends. These shades that come in a range of colours from hot pinks, lemon yellows and sea blue are a unique and subtle touch, that work great as a colour accessory, adding a pop of colour to your neutral ensembles.

Top Sunglasses Styles

All these choices from above have been picked due to their potential this year. Keep in mind that apart from wearing trendy sunglasses it’s always best to combine them with the season’s fashion trends. Make sure you don’t miss out!