There are plenty of reasons for wanting to have a tattoo removed – from moving onto a new relationship to changing beliefs. Whatever the reason, there are a number of options you can consider when it comes to ridding yourself of an unwanted tattoo.

Laser Removal

Lasers are the most commonly used systems in removing tattoos, and they work by targeting the ink with pulses of light, breaking the ink down into tiny particles which get cleared by the immune system. There may need to be a number of treatment sessions in order to completely remove the tattoo, depending on how much ink is present in the tattoo. The downside is that skin can get damaged during the increasing amount of treatments, causing painful blisters – or even scarring. The process of tattoo removal is also quite painful, and expensive.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

IPL is a dermal enhancer, which, instead of using laser light, uses high intensity pulsed light for effective tattoo removal. A gel is applied to the skin, and a device then delivers pulses of light to the skin surface. The advantages are that this treatment is a lot less painful than laser therapy, but is more expensive.

Tattoo Removal

Other Methods to Remove Tattoos

Different tattoo removal methods such as dermabrasion, excision and ‘at home’ creams are advertised as being effective at removing tattoos, however few live up to their claims, with some actually causing a great deal of harm to the skin.

Tattoo Removal with Alex TriVantage

TriVantage’s Alexandrite is a new and superior way to remove all color of tattoos including green, black and blue tattoos. It utilizes a laser-pumped-laser technology making it possible to work successfully at removing the different colors – something which has previously proven difficult. It is also safe enough to use even on children’s skin.