Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, so we definitely have to make sure our summer outfits are in the best shape possible. Who knows, maybe we manage to get new clothes to incorporate in our wardrobes to be on this year’s trends.

But while you are searching for the hottest new and fashionable outfits for this summer (according to fashion magazines), why not taking a closer look at the must-have accessories that blessed the runways all over the world? All ladies know any outfit can be styled, improved, and spiced-up by accessories, so let’s take a look over seven must-haves that you really should consider adding to your collection.

1. Nude Shoes or Sandals

In case you don’t own already a pair of nude pumps, then it’s time to change that. Nude shoes are still huge on trends and for all good reasons: they match any type of outfit, be it office, casual, or downright street-savvy, and they make your feet look longer and slimmer. Since this year fashion designers emphasize on gray shades and sheer fabrics, you can match your new pair of nudes with a slouchy, soft gray dress and everything else you can think of.

2. Pearl Bracelets

In terms of jewelry, you probably have all bases covered: statement necklaces, chunky massive chokers, statement rings, and so on. But pearl jewelry and especially triple strand white freshwater pearls bracelets are a must this summer. Pearls are timeless, graceful, memorable, and gorgeous, and the latest fashion managed to incorporate them in casual outfits as well. You can wear a mix of pearls in diverse colors for an even more outstanding look.

3. Messenger Bags

If you are the sporty type of girl, if you like traveling, or if casual outfits are your du jour choice no matter the context, then you can further style up your relaxed attire with a messenger bag. You can use it for office days to carry your laptop and papers, for casual outings with friends, or for traveling in style. You can pick one in leather – canvas combo – and match it with your tank top, jeans, and sneakers (or flat summer sandals and maxi flowery printed dresses for a more bohemian look).

4. Summer Straw Hat

Think about large hats with wide brims in light fabrics. Of course, your imagination immediately teleports you on an exotic island beach where you get a gorgeous tan. But floppy straw hats left the beaches and marched into the city this year. They go great with a black/white fashionable print blouse, with a little street-smart black dress or with a maxi monochrome dress for casual summer picnics.

5. Boldly Colored Sneakers

Speaking of summer footwear and comfortable shoes, the sneakers need no presentation. They made it to the catwalks and entered office fashion without restrictions. If you love your sneakers and want to add one more piece to the collection, fashion gurus recommend bold colors this summer. They talk about attention-grabbing yellow, bold bright tangerine, salmon pink, and all possible mint shades. You can’t go wrong with sneakers while going to work, going out, having a date, or enjoying a long summer vacation abroad.

6. Head Jewelry

Well, if you paid attention to this season’s fashion shows, you know that body and head jewelry make one of the hottest trends this summer. If you feel bohemian at heart and want to express your artistic and creative side, this is your summer! Pick one of those trendy dainty layered head chains and match it to your mono white see-through maxi outfits! Get your hippy style in motion and feel like a child of the 70s, no matter what summer party you attend!

7. Statement Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are not new, but this year they take the statement ride. A pair of mirror colored aviator style glasses ads a dash of color and contrast to a more demure summer office outfit or compliments your boho/ hippy attire. They go great with everything denim and, if you style them correctly, they can also become that accent piece you needed to pull off a funky-serious contemporary look.

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