In many regions like India and Pakistan, fair complexion is a craze even in his modern era. It is not a task which can be completed within eye blink, but it is not impossible too. With some care and using some home medications we can achieve the dreamed fair skin. Just applying herbs and medicines to face cannot bring the fair skin. You have to take proper diet and fitness exercise which will regulate the blood flow and it will stimulate the skin shine. Avoid running after fairness creams and lotions chock-full with chemical compounds and additives since all you acquire is a faded and dreadful skin. Many fairness creams cannot give your skin a glow. it is better to go to your kitchen and find natural things to have an unbelievable fair skin. These natural products help you to get clear and fair skin. This will be slow and steady and definitely it wins the raceJ

These remedies will play a vital role in fairing your skin, with these natural remedies you must avoid some things to prevent you skin from harmful environment so that glowing skin will be your territory for a long time period. Through this article I will be advising to improve your skin tone.  Those girls who are going to get marry soon will find this article useful and informative. I do not claim that these ideas will cast magical change in your skin, but I bet on that it will create a good difference on your skin quality.

Go out in sun- use sunscreen

Many girls think that sunscreen is to use in summer sun only. Clouds make them fool; they think clouds are protecting them from sun shine and harmful effects of sun. it is not a right way of thinking these clouds do not protect you; harmful sun rays still reach you and add negative effect on you lovely skin. Choose a sunscreen with good amount of SPF. Your fair skin has a difficult history behind it so don’t let the sun to destroy it.

Don’t waste the free time

Don’t waste the free time, it is a blessing that you have some time , give importance to your skin. If your fridge has rose water, potato and lemons, it is a great medical store for your skin.

Extract lemon juice and potato juice mix it with rose water, apply it on face with cotton and leave it for some time. During that time you may watch your T.V or even can make snacks for you in kitchen. Almond paste can also be good mask.

beautifulTake a bath twice

In hot summer twice bath is necessary as in hot sun your skin need more water to get rid of extra dirt which sticks on skin with sweat.  Before going to work and after retuning, taking bath can improve the skin health and maintains the fairness of skin. After work before going to bath take following things with you

Lemon juice tomato blend mixed with gram flour. Apply this to your skin and after some time take a bath.

Plenty of water

Water is very important. A dehydrated skin doesn’t allow you to do anything with it to improve its fairness so drink plenty of water to improve skin quality. Not only drinking your skin needs splash of water so take cool water and splash on face many times a day.