Are you getting tired of your current hairstyle? Maybe it’s time for a change. Hair trends are changing in 2017, and you need to know about some fresh new ways to keep your hairstyle cute and relevant while maintaining your unique sense of identity.

There are plenty of ways to pick a new hairstyle. Whether you’d like to do online research by reading fashion blogs, come up with your own design, or simply ask a professional hairdresser for their advice, you should know about all of your options when it comes to getting the best new hairstyle.



One of the best ways to pick out a new hairstyle is to start thinking about your options when it comes to hair colours. This year, it seems like nearly every colour is stylish. Whether you’re a brunette and you’d like to go blonde, or you’re a blonde and you want to go for a darker colour, there are plenty of colour options for you.

One popular trend is a multi-coloured ombre. Women with naturally dark hair who want a small taste of blonde hair can dye the bottom of their hair a lighter colour so that the hair gradually goes from dark to light as the hair moves down the shoulders. This is a very popular trend, and any competent hair salon can help you achieve this effect.

In addition to ombres, women are dyeing their hair unique colours such as purple, pink, blue, and grey. If you love the new alternative fashion styles this year, you might want to go bold with one of these colours. However, you should keep in mind that dying your hair a bold colour is difficult if you’re not a professional. Therefore, it’s best to leave the dyeing to a professional hair stylist.

Cropped Length

Do you have really long hair? One way to keep such a hairstyle fresh is to crop it short. Loads of women are cutting their hair to shoulder-length or even shorter this year. Not only can this be more convenient when it comes to washing and styling your hair, but this hairstyle can go really well with today’s fashion. With shorter hair, you can easily wear a baseball cap, put your hair into a short bun or topknot, or even curl it.

If you’re interested in getting a shorter haircut, check out some great Warrington based hairdressers like Samuel Peter to get the best advice on how you should get your hair cut and styled.

How to Wear Your Hair

If you’re not interested in getting all of your hair chopped off and you prefer longer hair, all you need to do is wear it differently. Women are coming up with great new ways to wear their hair, and sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective. For instance, if you have long, straight hair, try wearing a small bun toward the back of your head, while leaving the rest of your hair down. This creates a cute look that keeps some hair out of your face without making all of your hair tight and constricted. Ask your local salon expert for advice if you need help picking out more ways to wear your hair.