Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry gifts are a favorite during the Christmas season, but don’t let this fool you. Opting for jewelry gifts is not a savior for the crammer and unprepared. Often people are clueless on what type of jewelry to give, this “cluelessness” often leads to the fatal mistake of giving the wrong type of jewelry. So, where do we usually go wrong?

Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Jewelry Gifts

1. Research

Gift givers who commit the mistake of giving the wrong gift often lack on research. Jewelry usually symbolises a “sense of intimacy”, it is a personal gift so it deserves some research.  Consider what the trends are, what styles are in the limelight. Search the web for the latest designs on necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

If you’re deciding on giving diamonds, find the time to research on how to find the perfect and original ones, also research about how to check diamonds for their clarity, cut and purity. If you plan on giving gemstones, you can do the same.

A rule of thumb; do not step out of your nest without knowing the rates and market trends on jewelry.

2. Know The Person

What type of jewelry does the person love to wear? Know their preferences, their likes and dislikes. It would be a waste of time and money to buy someone an expensive gift like a diamond knowing in the end he or she doesn’t like it.

Find the time to know what time of jewelry the recipient prefers to wear, would it be an earring, a bracelet or a necklace.

A rule of thumb; it is necessary to know if the recipient has any allergies to the jewelry. Some people may have an allergy to nickel; in this case they cannot wear 14k gold jewelry.

3. Don’t frame Jewelry Ideas on Magazine or Newspapers

A lot of people get attracted to a particular jewelry piece they see in a magazine or a newspaper. These are great sources of ideas for trends and designs, but do not rely on them solely. The jewelry might look good on the model posing on the magazine or the paper, but it might not be the same in reality.  Uniqueness might also be lost as these ads are run publicly, so there is a big chance a lot of people would have ordered the same piece.

4. Not Much On Instincts

Never assume that the piece you like would also be liked by your recipient. If you trust your instincts too much you might end up buying a piece that fails to match. It would be good to take the recipient with you when you will buy the gift, this is the best way to make sure the piece fits and matches his or her preferences.