A cocktail hat is the perfect addition to special occasion and nights on the town.

This particular accessory can be expensive, however. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, the purchase of a cocktail hat can put quite a dent in your wallet.

But never fear. There are plenty of easy (not to mention extremely cost effective) ways to make your own glamorous creation to wear about town.

With a few tips and basic tricks, you will be on your way to turning heads without having to sacrifice your savings.



Cocktail hats come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles. There is something they all have in common, though. They need to stay on your head.

I would first begin by looking up a picture of the hat that looks similar to what you want. Then, imagine how it will work with your hairstyle.

You might prefer up-dos, in which case a comb or pin fastening method might work best.

If you are more likely to present your hat with a flirty style that lets your hair fall more freely, consider an appropriate and concealable hair clip as means to keep your hat on throughout the party.

For those with chic and short hair, do not fret. Rather than forgo the fantastic addition to your outfit, consider thinking outside the box. Headbands can be a remarkably stylish and effective way to wear a cocktail hat.

Even if you have very little to fasten it to. Wear-ability is important to keep in mind. Make sure the method you choose will work with the weight and design of your creation.


The next crucial part of your DIY masterpiece is going to be the base of the hat. This is where you really want to think about how large or small you would like your hat to be and how you will be wearing it.

Once you have chosen something that is the strength, size and shape of your desired design, then it is time to dress it up.


Whether you purchase the base structure for your hat or create it yourself out of recycled materials, the easiest way to transform this part of your hat is to cover it in fabric.

This can be done by sewing or using adhesives, depending on how long you are hoping to keep your masterpiece. This allows you to create a solid background that is appropriate for multiple occasions or a show-stopper that matches your outfit to perfection.


This is by far and away the most fun and creative part of making your own cocktail hat.

Creating bows, adding feathers, incorporating gems and sequins, or attaching a short veil are all examples of your glamorous hat embellishing options.

One of the ways that making your own hat is superior to purchasing one is that it is 100% unique to your tastes and styles.

Go crazy! Or don’t!

This is the part where you get to help your hat make a statement. What it will say is entirely up to you.

Whether you are someone who likes their fashion to be loud and bright or someone who leans more toward the classic and demur, your hat is your own. Just make sure it has a sturdy base, a secure fastening method, and all the fabulous you can dream up.