Handmade silver jewelry is all the rage these days, with people of all ages. Silver is one of the most beautiful metals and has been for thousands of years. While gold is connected with ideas of opulence, it is silver that evokes visions of romance.

There are a large number of silversmiths around the world making every design you can think of. One of the benefits of handmade silver jewelry is that you don’t have to worry about someone else wearing the same piece.

Handmade silver jewelry can be set with pearls and other semi-precious stones yielding a true work of art. Silver is very fashionable at the moment and goes with the new summer collections coming out this year

Silver Handmade Jewelry for christmas

Not many kinds of jewelry stand up to rough treatment and silver is no different. It symbolizes who you are, and is representative of your values. Be careful applying hairspray and other chemicals around silver jewelry, remember to put your jewelry on after you use hair sprays etc. There are products available which you can buy to help protect your silver. Silver jewelry takes a little effort to keep it shiny. Silver dulls as it oxidizes but with a quick clean its natural shine can be brought back out.

handmade silver jewelry2

Storing your handmade silver jewelry in airtight plastic bags will greatly reduce the speed with which it tarnishes. Don’t risk expensive jewelry by trying to clean it yourself.

For those who couldn’t be bothered worrying about getting jewelry cleaned a new trend has emerged with pre oxidized jewelry. If your looking for a vintage rustic look than it is definitely for you. And the best part is no cleaning required.

If you are worried about quality then only buy from renowned silversmiths. Silver dipped in gold is another popular option. You can go online to buy your silver jewelry but make sure you look for the authenticity seal. Word of mouth is another great way to hear what’s fashionable and were to buy it.

christmas silver handmade collection

Silver jewelry handcrafted by artisans who are masters in their field will give you the luxury and richness you desire at a fraction of the cost of gold or platinum. With such a variety of designs available you’re sure to find the perfect piece of silver jewelry.

Historical studies have shown jewelry going back thousands of years. Yes, we are talking almost 75,000 years! Worn by both men and women silver jewelry was present in ancient civilizations. As civilization evolved, so did jewelry. Now, we seem to be back to the basics. Everything does go full circle eventually!

Silver is preferred over gold these days because of the lower cost and also because it matches every skin tone unlike its more pricey counterpart.