Improve Your Facial Glow with Short Scar Facelift Treatment

Short scar facelifts are also called ‘limited incision facelift’ or ‘mini lift’, which is one of the most advanced developments in facial surgery.  It is an effective technique that brings a natural youthful appearance. This technique is very effective when treated in specific areas like mid face, jowls and the cheek area. It helps in bringing positive results with significantly smaller scars and less bruising.

The operation involves the separation of muscles from the underlying tissue of the skin (that means separating SMAS- Superficial musculoaponeurotic system). And now this can be customised according to the skin quality of the patient and it is either tightened or pulled. Fortunately, this facelift involves less bruising when compared to traditional facelifts. The incision area for a short scar facelift is the front of the ear and up around the sideburn area.

Depending on the quality of the patient’s skin, surgeons consider this separation of muscle and tissues accordingly; sometimes separation of the muscles and SMAS is not required. The muscles and tissues are repositioned or customised to achieve the perfect facelift, hence in such cases less bruising is seen and recovery time could be very short. This type of facelift is suitable for younger patients aged between 35 to 50.

Scar Facelift Treatment MethodScar Facelift Treatment MethodScar Facelift Treatment Method

Unlike other facelifts, this type of facelift does not require extension of the incision behind the ear, the surgeons can tighten a moderate amount of your lose skin. This procedure targets signs of aging particularly in middle aged people. Here are a few advantages of short scar facelifts:

  • After surgery minimal scars are visible and are smaller
  • Postoperative swelling on the face is less patients recover very quickly
  • Premature adjustments can be done
  • The results obtained by this technique appears to be more natural and could also depend on the technique used by your surgeon
  • It corrects deeper loose tissues
  • Lesser bruising
  • Cost is low when compared to the cost of a full facelift
  • The entire procedure lasts for about one to two hours
  • No telltale scars are seen behind the ears
Scar Facelift Treatment
Scar Facelift Treatment

Some considerations for short scar face lift:

 There are only minimal risks associated with short scar facelifts, the surgeon uses local anesthetic.

  • If the patient wants deeper changes these procedure may not be appropriate
  • For some patients medication reactions could occur
  • Higher extensions cannot be made

 Before going for this cosmetic surgery consult an experienced and reputed surgeon, they will be able to decide the type of treatment that best suits you, depending on your skin. They will also discuss the benefits of the treatment and provides some preoperative prescriptions with some instructions to be followed.