Ghanaian fashion and trends are very famous and admired all over the world, characterised by very peculiar outfits, often made of sturdy fabrics, very rich in colour and details, that include expert embroidery and beading. Despite the vast amount of Western influences, many outfits still tend to be very traditional and this is because the majority of women, both young and old, in Ghana like to wear traditional clothes and stay faithful to their culture. That is why many outfits are hand-dyed, hand-woven and hand-sewn by professional seamstresses.

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Africa's top fashion

However, despite what many people could think, traditional doesn’t mean uncomfortable, or self-righteous. Besides being extremely coloured and characterised by lively cuts, most Ghanaian dresses are fashionable and practical. There are three main types of traditional outfits for women: a long dress, skirt and top, and wrap. The first one is usually worn during formal occasions and important events, like parties and celebrations, a bit like Western evening dresses. Skirt and top represent a more casual type of outfit that Ghanaian women usually wear during daytime, on trips to the local market or at home, a bit like Western blue jeans and t-shirt. Last but not least, the wrap is used to cover up after swimming or showering. Remember that Ghana is a very hot country, so taking a bath can be very common and frequent during the day, that is why there is a traditional item for it. Of course, each one of these clothes has many variations, developed over the years, but without ever loosing their traditional characteristics.