Most people are familiar with the traditional shape of diamond rings and what they look like – a princess cut or diamond solitaire with a sparkling clear diamond. However, this is not the only style of diamond jewellery out there.

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and cuts and they can be found in many different shades and tones other than simply clear. Buying a diamond with a unique shape or colour can really make a bold fashion statement and make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

Diamond Shapes

Have you thought about the fact that the shape of the diamond you prefer might reveal something about who you are? A traditionally shaped diamond such as a princess cut or a diamond solitaire will usually mean that you are traditional and conservative.

A bold and unconventional cut of diamond, such as the heart shape or the unique Asscher cut reveals that you are a trend setter and you have a love for drama. The pear shape represents a woman who is an individual and yet still has a love for old fashioned romance.

Of course, the shape and the cut of the diamond that you choose will be affected by a number of factors. What is the style of the ring overall and how does it complement the shape of the diamond? What is the size of the diamond and which shape or cut will flatter it the most? Do you have long or short fingers and which cut flatters your particular hand the most?

Of course, the biggest question is: when you buy diamond rings, what type of shape are you attracted to? The one that really stands out to you the most will bring you the most joy.

Diamond Colours

Did you know that diamonds come in different colours? It’s true! For example, there are pink diamonds which are some of the most rare and valuable in the world and are worth around $1 million per carat. Another very rare shade of diamonds is blue – ranging from sky blue to a deep steel blue.

You might also see champagne diamonds, which are naturally tinted with a range of colours from a rich cognac tone to a light straw colour.

Yellow diamonds are also one of the types of coloured diamonds you might find out there on the market. There are a lot less rare than pink diamonds, so they will be less expensive.

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