Diamond jewellery has always been associated with beautiful women, and this is just one of the reasons that diamonds are a girls’ best friend. Women tend to be stereotyped into all being fans of fashion, loving clothes shoes, handbags and accessories, and whilst this isn’t necessarily true, one thing you can be sure that all women appreciate is diamond jewellery. Young and old, ladies of different cultures, styles and all personalities all come together through this shared appreciation and it’s easy to see why.

An extremely rare material, diamonds combine a unique hardness and rare physical clarity that make them unlike any other precious stone. In scientific terms diamonds are the most stable form of carbon that are only formed in the very specific high pressure, high temperature conditions deep beneath the Earth’s surface. They are actually brought up to the surface by magma moved through volcanic eruptions. The unique way in which they are formed and their beautiful ability to reflect light they have fascinated humans for centuries.

Found only certain parts of the world their uniqueness and rarity mean that they are an expensive and very sought after commodity. Each diamond is different, and because they are so desirable and popular this also means they are in limited supply. All of these factors combine to make diamonds irresistible to women, and nothing is more favoured by a lady than a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery.

There are so many different styles of diamond jewellery available there is a style to suit every lady and all personalities. Glamorous and ageless, diamonds are favoured by ladies young and old. Often associated with Hollywood glamour, wealth and status, when a lady has a piece of diamond jewellery she feels like she too can have a piece of this lifestyle.

With so many different style of diamond jewellery to choose from it is easy to find a piece to suit every type of lady and different personality. Diamond earrings are perfect for a low maintenance type of girl, a diamond watch for the fashionable lady, a diamond necklace for a glamorous grandma. A classic piece of diamond jewellery is a timeless accessory for every outfit, from working day to night on the town; whatever type of diamond she is wearing it will make her look and feel like a superstar.

Traditionally the most popular type of diamond jewellery is of course the diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are the hardest material known to man, and it is because of this strength and their rarity that to be given a diamond engagement ring is seen to be the ultimate symbol of true love. Considered as a metaphor for eternal commitment, strength and uniqueness of the love between two people, there really is no substitute for a real diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds really are forever; they will never go out of fashion and will never age.