Cosmetics Icons at a Glance

Many iconic people have invested their lives and careers into making the world more beautiful. Some came along by nature and some just from their standing family name alone. For others, it was a chance of a lifetime to show the world their abilities to help beautify them and every one whom they touched along the way. Listed below are just a few of these and their most famous lines that have become part of the fashion and beauty culture over the years.

Cosmetics Icons at a Glance 1

CoCo Chanel

CoCo Chanel was a bold French fashion designer. She was the only fashion designer to be listed in the “Time’s Magazine List of the 100 Most Influential People Of The 20th Century”.  From fashion and beauty, along with many other beauty aspects she went from a rag to riches story by being steadfast in a world so content on taking her down. She helped invent one of her iconic signature products of this century, Chanel #5. Through her line of hand and cosmetic bag products, she also brought about clothes, accessories, perfumes and makeup she created an icon with the “House of Chanel” which lives on in infamy.

Yves Saint Laurent

Laurent was yet another French fashion designer. He helped highhandedly to bring about the rise of Couture fashion from the death it to being inspired in the 1960s. Yves was famous for bringing ‘ready to wear’ fashion to a world that was too busy to choose custom fitted products. He created history with the first woman’s tuxedo suit which used by ethnic women in fashion shows and shoots. Yves created intricate paper dolls, and by his teenage years he designed fashion for his mother and sister. At 18, he moved to Paris, enrolled in school, and became noticed by another icon of this era, Christian Dior. Yves saved the House of Dior from ruins with the premier collection. Throughout his life, he went from paper doll maker to fashion designer, to an emotional drug addicted man and back. Later Yves had bestowed upon him endless honors during his lifetime, many of which will never be duplicated again.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior came from a very prominent family whose principal business pertained to fertilizer (Dior Freres). At a remarkably young age to produce fashion sketches, which he sold outside the family home. Later he owned an Art Studio where he and his friends sold item for the likes of Pablo Picasso and other talented artists of the time. His service to the war did not interrupt his desires, and he produced dresses for the wealthy clients of that era. During the 1940s, he opened “The House of Dior”.  Not only does his life institute splendor by fashion, but also pushes beauty through makeup, jewelry and so many other product lines available today.  Christian Dior is probably the best known global name in the fashion and beauty industry now.