Boho Style: Jewelry for the Bohemian Chic

Go Boho, or Bohemian, by completing your free spirited look with the appropriate jewelry. Boho style takes a page from a 1970s flower child, as a vintage inspired fashion statement. If you have seen the styles of such fashion icons as Rachel Zoe or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, you have been exposed to the Boho look. Notable clothing pieces include flowery maxi skirts or skin hugging jeans, along with faux fur vests on top of pheasant blouses or gauzy tunics. Shoes tend toward earth-friendly vegan sandals, platform wedges and no shoes at all. As for accessorizing? Look for Boho style jewelry that follows these fashion tips.

Boho Style Jewelry for the Bohemian Chic

Pendant Necklaces

Layering long necklaces that reach to your belly button is the Boho way. Mix up metals, such as titanium and gold, for a totally rad style. Adorn one to three of the necklaces with mixed media pendants. For example, you could wear an owl, feather and heart pendant on three different necklaces to create a story with your jewelry. Other popular types of pendants often worn by Boho beauties include peace signs, birds, arrows or chevron symbols. Look for naturally made pieces, such as glass blown or clay pendants, as these earth-friendly materials are hip among the Boho mindset.

Oversized Rings

Once again, you can mix media with rings on a Boho hand. However, you don’t want to look too made up, so opt for one or two statement pieces. Think cheap jewelry, but in materials that are more earthy in color, such as geodes in place of diamonds. Popular styles on the scene today include oversized rings that extend over one half of a finger, such as up to the knuckle or even over the entire finger. Or you can pick an over the top ring that crosses over two or three of your fingers in brass knuckles’ fashion. Other cool rings for Bohemian cats include vintage poison rings that are a flashback to the Seventies.

Bracelets and Earrings

These pieces pack less punch in Boho style since the stacked necklaces require so much landscape. If you wear earrings, look for smaller sets made from sparkly, colorful gems. As for bracelets, braided nylon or woven hemp make for the perfect accessories.

Types of Imagery

Make the right statement with your Boho jewelry pieces whether they be earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings. To do so, look for earth related imagery, such as feathers, animals, flowers, trees, landscape scenery, primitive symbols, and words such as “peace” and “love.” Stay away from bold colors, such as neon, and stick with natural hues of brown, green, blue and yellow.

Finish up your look by making it appear as carefree as possible. Stay away from matchy-matchy looks and consider sticking with one statement piece that you wear on a regular basis. Also, don’t wear everything at once. If you are wearing stacked necklaces, let this be your sole jewelry. You can add a small pair of earrings for sparkle, but leave the bracelets behind.