You have most likely seen monograms around without even realizing it. Many people own suitcases, towels, jackets, and even purses with their distinct monogram right on it. Some of the biggest fashion houses around the globe are widely recognized for the practice of using their monogram in designs, including Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Guccio Gucci. Today, one of the hottest fashion trends all over the streets is monogrammed jewelry. Celebrities and Average Josie’s everywhere are wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings adorned with monograms. Even men are getting in on the trend with monogram cufflinks and collar stays. While name jewelry will always be popular, monogrammed jewelry adds just a touch of intrigue and mystery. Don’t be surprised if someone asks you what the initials mean!

But here’s the question everyone is dying to know – where exactly did the monogramming trend start? It had to come from somewhere, right? Of course it does!

Many of today’s historians agree that it was the early Greek and Roman rulers who first utilized monograms. They put their monograms on coins so that the money would be recognized as coming from their region. Eventually these coins sparked the concept of a monetary structure that would eventually replace the bartering system.

Let’s fast-forward to the Middle Ages now. Local craftsmen and artisans used their monograms to sign their work. Art historians today have the ability to use their knowledge of artists and their monograms to determine when pieces were created. For example in his earlier work, Rembrandt used “RH” while later works featured “RHL.”

The Victorian era is really where we see individuals using monograms for purposes of decoration. Monograms were often sewed onto linens, preventing them from disappearing when washed. Eventually lots of household items received the monogram treatment, including silverware, lockets, brushes, and mirrors.

monogram necklaces

Monograms were also utilized to show someone’s status within society. Here we see the traditional monogram emerge with the last name initial as the middle letter of the common three-letter monogram. This middle letter would be much bigger than the initials flanking it on either side.

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