Everybody has their own opinion on who is fashionable and who isn’t. However, you can’t deny that the following 7 celebrities are always spotted sporting something unique and trendy. They all have completely different personal styles, but they are the most fashionable celebrities in the world right now:

Fashionable Celebrities

Cara Delevingne

It’s been clear from day dot that Cara is going places. Coming from a very wealthy family, she hasn’t got to where she is because of her family connections. She has the unique, stunning look of a supermodel. She’s branching out into acting now too! Whether she’s on the catwalk or hanging out with friends, you’ll always spot Cara in something sassy and unique. She sometimes prefers to dress like a teenage boy, but she pulls it off well!


Rihanna is getting seriously edgy. She started at as the sweet girl who sang ‘Pon De Replay’, but now all she seems to sing about is things you wouldn’t let your children listen to. However, you can’t deny that this girl is a serious trendsetter. She single handedly started the mesh trend all on her own, and is always looking for new ways to shock the fashion crowd!

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a true English rose. Always classy and never trashy, she knows just what to wear for an occasion. On the beach, on the red carpet, or even in magazine shoots, she looks impeccable. You wouldn’t expect any less from Hermione Granger!

The Olsen Twins

The Olsen twins are basically the same person, so we’re letting them share a space on this celebrity fashion list. They are both unbelievably trendy, opting for boho styles that anybody else would struggle to get away with. Kate Moss brought Heroine Chic in fashion back when she was discovered, but it seems that these two are giving the trend a modern edge.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens shows that she’s a free spirit in the way that she dresses. Anybody else would worry about the mud, glass, and bodily fluids on the ground at a festival, but not V.Hudge. She walks barefoot and doesn’t care who knows it! She loves sporting 70s style floaty tops, flared trousers, floppy hats, and lots of Indian style jewellery.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston gets preppy style down to a T. Whether she’s going shopping or travelling to another country, her style is always on point. Think stylish jeans, fitted t-shirts, blazers, and plenty of accessorising.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham used to layer on the false tan and backcomb her hair to high heaven in true footballer’s wife style. She’s grown up a little now though, and is always spotted in something high fashion and elegant. Her hair has seen many changes over the years, and each one has meant a new hair trend for many people. She never gets it wrong!

Which of these celebrity’s styles do you covet most? Take inspiration from them and you’ll soon become a fashionable name in your area!