You may be having a particular picture of your favorite clothing in mind but have not yet been able to realize it in reality. Certainly one has to consider a number of aspects while selecting the fabric to make the intended piece of clothing. Below are mentioned the top tips on how to choose the best fabric for the clothing in fashion you are planning to make. Elizabeth Rehnke is the renowned name in the fashion world and she has always tried to help her followers with the best piece of advice on the fashion.

Select the Fabric

After you have the pattern in your mind it is now time to go to the fabric and you can select accordingly the one, which requires dry cleaning, or the one, which does not require special care, and you can just throw them for washing and the drying. Also, while selecting you have to take care of the wrinkles. It is suggested not to buy the wrinkled fabrics and you can test it by holding the corner of the fabric for few seconds tightly in your fist. The other point is to look regarding the shrinkage, which is associated with it, and normally it is good to buy few yards more of the fabric to allow for the shrinkage.

Look how loyal the color of the fabric is

The other thing which you have to take care is that the color of the fabric. Make sure you inquire from the store manager about how stable the color is. You can test it by rubbing it against your skin, wet cloth or against any other surface. Many fabrics look good but they require wash every time you wear them. In addition, many require to be washed separately. Before buying, you should consider the time and effort it will take to wash it every time separately. If you are planning to gift it then also make sure that the person will be able to cope up with the washing schedules.

Look for any kind of defects

After you have checked regarding the color before buying any fabric, make sure that you check for any kind of manufacturing or pattern defects in the fabric. For this, you can completely open the fabric and look closely at the entire piece. Along with the manufacturing defects, you should check for the dyeing, dirt, fading or any other kind of defects, which may be present. It is always considered best to check various types of defects while buying the fabric. The last thing, which is to be checked, is the texture, flow of the fabric as well as the stretch.

Once you have purchased the fabric now calculate how much it will take to make the clothing, sash or tea cozy you are planning to make. If it goes outside your budget, you may think of using the less expensive fabric along with the shorter length. Certainly following the above points will help you in choosing the best fabric for your purpose.

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