We all know that a wedding is all about joy, hope and happiness. We also know that it’s very expensive, sometimes impossibly expensive. Every future husband and wife would like a wedding ring that they will be able to proudly show to their children and grandchildren. Happily enough, today there are a lot of options to cut down on the cost and still find beautiful and durable rings. Here are some tips that will help you in your quest to find a beautiful and inexpensive wedding ring.

Selecting your Wedding Ring

Obviously, you want to buy the best possible ring, but if you want a particular design that uses stones that are extremely expensive, you may want to consider buying replicas. In all honesty, some replicas have become so good that the untrained eye will not be able to discern any difference between them and the real stones they imitate. Crystals and zircon can look beautiful and there are some terrific designs out there. If you cannot tell the difference and cannot afford the more expensive precious stones, don’t hesitate and just go for a replica.The same can be said for pearl shaped crystals that can look beautiful and are available in many designs.If you are looking for a gold or platinum wedding ring, you may want to consider a plated piece. Again, to the untrained eye, a gold plated wedding ring will look just as good as a solid gold one and the difference in price is considerable.

Other Options

If you feel that you simply must go for the real thing and do for precious stones and solid gold you may want to consider one of the following options in order to reduce the price.First of all, don’t hesitate to ask for a discount. There is a lot of competition today between jewelry stores, especially with the online market gaining dominance. If you are insistent, you will almost definitely be able to reduce the price.Other options include borrowing jewelry from family members or renting jewelry. This may not exactly represent what you’ve dreamed about, but borrowing or renting jewelry will allow you to fulfill your wedding day fantasies without going bankrupt.Personally, I would recommend both going for great quality and the more expensive options, if you feel that you must have real stones and solid gold, or go for inexpensive quality replicas.Especially for young couples, there is no need to go overboard; there will be plenty of time to upgrade to more expensive rings during the many happy years ahead.

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Doron Hiefitz is a professional jeweler and the owner of a popular jewelry website that specializes in name necklaces and bracelets.