The people of theUKhave taken to costume jewellery like in any other place.  Trendy designs and low prices are the main attractions.  There are many retailers in theUKwho specialize in costume jewellery.  There are not only cheap options available, but also high-end classy pieces of costume jewellery that could be mistaken for precious metal jewellery too.

Some of the popular designs in costume jewellery are made of stainless steel, chrome and brass.  There is also exclusive designer costume jewellery that is made from high-end crystals and Zirconia.  Exclusive stores in high-end shopping malls specialize in this kind of jewellery that could easily pass off as precious jewellery.

Costume Jewellery

Beads of plastic and clay are also popular. They give a kind of ethnic look to the design.   Women choose costume over precious jewellery so that they can match it with their clothes.  It is a current trend now and many women have started wearing jewellery on a daily basis.  There are special collections of daily wear jewellery available in the market.  Anklets, rings and necklaces, along with bangles and bracelets, are available.

Costume jewellery is suitable for youngsters too.  It can be affordable and trendy to suit their style.  There is the option to use a lot of colorful beads and mix and match designs to create a unique style.  Some young designers are experimenting with recycled materials like paper and fabric too.  Since the raw materials are inexpensive, they are easy to experiment with and they do not offer any restrictions by way of design.  The quality of the finished products is also very good.

There are also designs for young children, with brands catering only to this segment.  Most of the materials used are child friendly.  Costume jewellery for men includes cufflinks, tiepins and watches.  Men also have a choice to buy jewellery at affordable prices to suit different occasions.

Costume Jewellery in the UK

 The demand for costume jewellery UK is only going to increase in the future.  With rising prices for precious metals, more and more people are shifting loyalties to costume jewellery.  It is no longer possible to buy precious metal jewellery impulsively.  Also, more and more working class women are opting for costume jewellery because of the trendy designs and high quality finish that are suitable for daily wear.  They are relatively long lasting, with very little maintenance required.  Designers are also taking great care of the materials used in their designs.  Toxic materials are avoided and high quality standards are maintained.