Wondering what keeps the spirit of fashion eternally high? Well, it’s the changes that take place within the fashion world. As such, not keeping with the latest trends in the fashion world will most likely leave you looking of place. In the modern world, fashion has evolved to not only include clothes and shoes but also other aspects such as makeup, manicures and even nail art. The nail and all that encompasses it has emerged as one of the best way of making a fashion statement but only when used properly. The following overview on the various nail polish colors will help you make better judgment when selecting nail polish for your nails.

Sky blue
Sky blue is probably one of the most popular nail polish colors for most of the younger generation. Blue is a bold color and depicts a breath of fresh air, youth and life. It is due to this factor that blue nail polish is best suited for the spring. Softer shades of blue are synonymous with serenity while darker shades bring in an aspect of boldness. When wearing blue nail polish, it is important that you accessorize with something blue in color.

Green is associated with nature and as such, there is very little that the color green cannot do. Green is considered as being edgy, soothing and seductive. Wearing green requires a lot of panache on the part of an individual and not everyone can pull it off. As a rule, you must look for the right shade of green best suited for you so as to be able to achieve a great look. With green, darker shades are usually considered as the best.

Purple better known as the color of passion is another great color that can be used in nail polish. Different shades of purple have got different style statements and due to this, a lot of care should be taken during the selection process. As a rule, your skin color should play an important role when choosing the shade of purple. Some of the most popular shades available in the market include lavender, misty purple and shimmery heliotropes

Gray and black
While thought of as unconventional, grey and black nail polish can also be quite formidable when it comes to making a fashion statement. These two colors are synonymous with mystery and allure and are also considered as being quite sexy. These two colors are commonly associated with grunge and punk styles of fashion but can also be used to create a classic effect for many other styles of fashion.

Flush red and orange
This is perhaps the most popular shades of nail polish in the modern world. Normally regarded as a sign of feminity, beauty and charm, the color red and orange are anything than subtle. These colors can seamlessly interact with many other colors and a touch of red lipstick is highly recommended to top up the look.

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