Every woman wants their wedding ring to sparkle and dazzle. However, to make your engagement ring stand out it has to be taken care of. White gold wedding bands are becoming more popular and many believe that they accentuate the diamond perfectly. Some of the benefits of having a white gold band are that it is more lightweight than platinum and more scratch resistant than pure gold. White gold also tends to be cheaper than other traditional wedding bands.

White gold is different from pure gold because it is an alloy of pure gold and a white metal including palladium, silver, or nickel. There are plenty of ways to clean and take care of your ring to make sure it dazzles forever.

White gold cleaner

There are plenty of jewelry cleaners out there but white gold is a unique combination of metals. When looking for a cleaner be sure to check if the cleaner is for white gold only. If you are not sure, you can ask an expert or do research on the cleaner yourself. Using the wrong type of cleaner can cause discoloration. If you want to play it safe and not risk anything happening to your ring, you can try water, soap and a soft toothbrush for cleaning. It is important to note that before you try to clean your jewelry to check for loose stones or anything that could be difficult to repair without the help of an expert.

If your ring has special markings or engravings an ultrasonic machine can be used to clean those areas. Ammonia and a soft lint free cloth can be used to get dirt and grime off of rings.

Remove jewelry when using your hands

Removing jewelry when using your hands is a smart idea for whatever type of jewelry you are wearing. If you work with your hands a lot it is quite easy to pick up scratches on your favorite items. Removing white gold items is especially important because the jewelry can have a harsh effect with certain harsh chemicals which includes household cleaners and chemicals found in pools. The mixture of white gold and these chemicals can cause irreparable damage.

When removing your white engagement or other jewelry it is important to store them in appropriate ways. Separate jewelry bags or boxes will reduce scratches and other damage.


Having rhodium plating done to your white gold jewelry will make jewelry shinier and appear to have a whiter color. This is an inexpensive process that most jewelers offer and prices will vary on how intricate the ring is. Obviously, the more that the piece of jewelry is worn the more it needs to be plated. Also, if you are the type of person who does wear their ring everywhere, such as to the gym, it will be needed to be plated even more frequently. Wedding bands are one of the most plated items at most jewelers.

When in doubt, seek an expert

Ring repair is not easy as one might think. Everyone can get some of the surface stains and dirt through the methods discussed above. However, to get a ring back to its original shimmer, consult an expert who deals with cleaning and improving rings for a living. The obvious benefit of going to an expert is that through their experience they have seen virtually every type of problem that pops up.

White gold is a more affordable alternative to platinum and pure gold wedding bands. Not only in nature is it more scratch resistant but through a few simple methods it look brand new without much of a hassle. Simple soap and water as well as white gold cleaner can give your wedding band its shimmer, taking your ring off will prevent a chemical reaction and scratches, rhodium plating will keep your band sparkling, and of course the best way to keep your band looking its best is to seek the help of jeweler.

White Gold Wedding Band