The history of bangles dates back to Vedic period in India. They have part in all puranas and itihasas of Indian culture. Even today, in the modern world, most of the women show their interest in wearing bangles to accentuate their beauty and elegance.  This is one of the traditional pieces of jewelry worn by women even in this technology world.  

Most of the women wish to wear diamond jewelry in order to complement their attire and status as well. There is jewelry from head to toe for women and all of these can be made with diamond metal. Apart from all the jewelry, women love to wear bangles made of diamond metal.  If you are planning to welcome diamond bangles into your jewelry box, you have to concentrate on few key points before you pick them. As this jewel pair remains one of the expensive jewelry in the box, informed decision is advisable.

You have to do your homework to know about four c’s namely carat, cut, clarity  and color before you pick any diamond jewel form the store and bangles will never be an exception.  The price of the product is primarily based on these four C’s.  

You have to choose the type of diamond that should be included in your bangle based on these four c’s. of course, your budget also plays a crucial role here. Few may want to stick to single diamond bangle pair in the whole set. In such cases, you can choose to go with white diamonds because they complement any outfit. On the contrary, if you can afford for different types of diamond bangle designs, you can choose from wide color range like yellow, chocolate white and many more.

How to pick them?

The most important thing when you pick bangles made of diamonds is size. Though they give off one size fits all, they should fit you correctly.  The bangle you wear should dangle from your wrist in flirtatious manner irrespective of your choice to wear several bangles or one solid bangle. When you are picking the right bangle size for your wrist, make sure that the bangle is not too big because it can slide of from your hand without your notice.  It should neither be too tight causing discomfort whenever you move your wrist.  You should either try them at the store before you purchase or buy them based on your previous bangle size.

If you are shopping the diamond bangles for your loved ones, knowing their ideal size is advisable.  You should have measurement even if you are buying the bangles for the first time.  You can measure the wrist of the hand with tape measure by encircling it.  You should also take the measurement of your hand by measuring fingers with your thumb underneath it.  These two measurements will give you ideal size of your bangle.

You are buying one of the expensive items into your wardrobe and it is important for you to take that little extra care to protect the long life of these bangles.