Although the Beatles performed all over the world, their most famous venue was almost certainly the Cavern Club in Liverpool, once a major seaport in northwest England. This modest music venue has become one of the most famous clubs in the world, attracting visitors from all over the world. Although the Cavern’s glory years were during the early 1960s, the club still thrives today and over the decades has been home to some of the biggest names in rock, as well as jump starting the career of many new bands. The Beatles made their first appearance at the then smoke filled and cramped Cavern Club in February, 1961. Over the next couple of years, they performed there almost 300 times, and it is on one of those occasions that a local music store owner, Brian Epstein, wandered into the club.

Epstein, who had never heard of the group until that day, was so taken with them that it did not take long for him to sign them up and start transforming them into a cohesive group with their innovative and distinctive look. Not only is the Cavern Club a great place to hear live music, it is also a good place to buy Beatles souvenirs or Beatles clothing. The club sells Beatle themed items both in the club itself, and online. Popular items include mugs, pens and playing cards. Beatles posters depict the group from their earliest days right through the days of “Sgt Pepper” and beyond. Beatles clothing from the legendary Cavern Club, includes t-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps, all adorned with the Cavern Club logo. You can even buy a Beatles themed umbrella for those rainy Liverpool days. However, if you really want to duplicate the look of the Beatles you will need to adopt the entire look. The Beatles went through several different looks, although they started out in leather jackets, with scruffy looking hair. Their manager, Brian Epstein created a new look, consisting of button up jackets, boots and the now famous mop top hairstyles.

Beatles Clothing

During the mid 1960s, the Beatles, along with many other groups of the time, adopted the psychedelic look. Long hair, loud, colourful and patterned clothing, beads and flowers were the order of the day. Unfortunately, those heady days of the 60s are long gone, although a visit to Liverpool’s world renowned cavern club may be the closest you get to recapturing them.