Apply correctly your fake tan: 5 Ways to have a beautiful and tanned skin

Beautiful skin isn’t just important in summer, when the shorts and vests come out; having smooth, flawless, tanned skin gives your confidence a massive boost at any time of the year. Perfect skin doesn’t just happen by magic, though; it’s the result of making an effort constantly and, more importantly, knowing the right things to do.


If your skin isn’t in good condition, you won’t be able to hide that with fake tan or other cosmetics, so it’s vital that you take proper care of it. It’s important to know your skin type; there’s no sense in using a product that’s meant for oily skin if yours is dry and vice versa, so your first step to beautiful skin is to make an honest assessment of yourself. If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, visit your local cosmetics counter, where they will be able to determine that for you. With this knowledge, you can select the right products to clean your skin and remedy any existing problems.

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If you generally take good care of your skin, applying a home instant tan product it is going to be much easier; however, you will still need to exfoliate before you do.

This removes any dead cells, leaving a smooth, clean surface on which to apply the spray or lotion.

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Do it in the shower on the day you intend to apply your tan.

beautiful and tanned skin


Tanning products work more effectively on smooth skin, so to always keep it soft, you should moisturise it regularly. Just as with cleansers, there are moisturisers suitable for all skin types and you should use the right kind for you. If you go to the gym or go swimming, take a little pot of moisturiser with you to apply straight after you shower or you could experience an unpleasant tightening and drying effect.

Even if you don’t moisturise regularly, if you apply some after you exfoliate and allow it time to be absorbed, your skin will get the fake tan better.


Whenever you use a product, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and there will be small differences in the way each manufacturer suggests you apply their fake tan. However, in general, you should apply the product in small, circular motions using an application mitt. Make sure you don’t miss any spots and buff away any streaks that occur as you go along.

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Keep some cotton buds nearby to buff small areas or you could end up with small streaks.


Once you have applied your tanning product, it’s a good idea to wait as long as possible before you put clothes on; when you do, they should be loose, to prevent smudging, and dark to prevent staining. When you have your first shower after the application, you should exfoliate again to get rid of any small streaks and you should moisturise after every shower to preserve your tanned look for longer.

There’s no denying that it takes dedication to achieve and maintain beautiful skin, but using a home-tanning product allows you to obtain that perfect finishing touch in a safe and affordable way. When you will be able to go out without make up and wear what you like without feeling uncomfortable, it will be worth all the effort!