I know it’s so hard to find the perfect scariest Halloween costume or mask and even if you do find it it’s going to be something very common yet expensive. I have seen that a lot of girls create cat eyes, smokey eyes or winged eyeliner on their eyes and then randomly create scary marks on their face to look scary. I think to frighten your friends you have to look extreme scary. So I have brought the scariest Halloween makeup ideas on your screen. If you think you lack the artistic talent to follow these scary Halloween makeup ideas, we recommend that you get these services done by a makeup artist. But first, you need to be sure what is your favorite makeup design. So go through these five scariest Halloween makeup ideas to choose your favorite one!

Wicked Witch Look

It is very smooth yet scary makeup look. To start with, apply classic black smokey eye makeup. Witches are quite hot you know, even they go for smokey eye makeup. Next, use black eyeliner and add some black eyeshadow to the lower lashline too. Make sure everything is properly blended. Darken and shape the eyebrows using black eye pencil as well as black mascara to let everything set in. Now mix a green eyeshadow with foundation.  Contour cheeks, chin and forehead using green eyeshadow mixed with foundation. Highlight apples of cheeks, bridge of nose and cupids with a yellow shadow. To get the full look apply violet colored lipstick. Finish with a setting spray.


Ice Queen

I would prefer this. Though it isn’t as scary as the demon and the witch is, I am sure if I see an ice queen it’s going to be frightening. So to get this makeover done, start by applying the regular Concealer and foundation. Next take a soft brush and using a Graftobian Pro paint in White Swan, draw a butterfly shape around your eyes and do cover your eyebrows too. Now set the makeup with an iridescent powder. Next get some glittery look. Apply glitter to the inner corner of your eyes, to the butterfly, anywhere you want to. Make sure you also add white glitter to your eyebrows to get the perfect ice queen look. Apply white eyeliner to the inner brim of your lower lash line. You can also apply white mascara. For lips, go for soft pink shade. It will look perfect with the icy look.


Ripped Flesh Wound Makeup

You start this scary Halloween makeup by applying lash glue in the form of a wound or sore on your cheek. Make sure the shape is enclosed. Let it dry. Now lightly dab some foundation onto the dried glue. Don’t press too hard. Next, apply skin tone eye shadow over the glue. Now apply red eyeshadow inside the enclosed shape and along the outside. You want to show that the wound is inflamed. Use medium brown along the sides, inside the form to give depth. Now use the dark brown shade on the outside of the shape and on the glue to give it a rotten appearance. Pat some black shade only on the crevices and corners. To give the final touches apply red lip gloss, on the inside of the shape. This would make the wound look as if real blood is coming out.


Zombie Neck Wound

For this, you will need latex, makeup, and some red dye that would work as blood. Now start by applying fragile layers of latex to your neck. Allow one layer to dry and then continue by using another layer. As each layer dries, it turns from milky white to clear. Now peel the latex from the center in a fashion that the peeled latex is allowed to roll and pucker. Now begin by applying the makeup. It’s the same as that for the ripped flesh wound, but you do not need to use glue in this makeup. Since you can’t afford to waste so much red lip gloss, it is recommended that you buy a red dye and apply that. If you are allergic to latex or dyes, do not go for this scary Halloween makeup idea.


Aged Look

Start by using latex to create wrinkles. Start at the corner of your eyes and hold your skin taut as the latex dries. Use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. Next, dust powder over dried latex. Now apply later to your eyelid. Hold skin taut till it dries then use powder. Continue putting latex section by section over the face. Use castor oil to remove excess powder. Any other oil will break down the latex. Use alcohol based makeup. Create depth by painting wrinkles. Use a toothbrush to create age spots. Paint some veins using blue-green colors. Use gray hair mascara for eyelashes and eyebrows. Using silicon, draw fake warts and paint them. Then apply them to your face with glue! Wow, it’s done!


Jennifer is a fashion stylist, lecturer and contributing editor of eye makeup brand. With a vast experience in beauty tools and accessories design, she turned into the creative side and has been named as one of the top fashion blogger. Mountain is in her heart – a passion for mountain climbing.