When it comes to practical, democratic pieces the first piece that comes to mind are the dresses, unique pieces always save our lives on the days when we do not know very well what to wear and when we need it it is always there to save us in those days of fashion indecisions. ZAFUL offers several dresses in different models and different styles that appeal to all types of audiences, from the younger audience, to the public Plus Size, seriously, the models are so many that you can be wanting at least one of each model.

  From the newest trends to more classic, contemporary dress models, evening dresses or hot summer evenings, to strolling with friends in the park or a romantic dinner for two, whether for the occasion you need, you can count on ZAFUL that has.


 Lace dresses are most often the most elegant, charming, detailed, great to make a good impression, like this one of the above image, although it is a unique, basic piece at the same time has a more sophisticated air, for its details, details on lace always leave the parts more fancy, with air of expensive parts, which does not happen most of the time, since ZAFUL has one of the cheapest prices when it comes to online stores. Dresses like this in particular tend to be more stylish but nothing prevents you from abusing colored pieces, which are more cheerful, fun and make our productions more vivid. like the dresses below:

This wine-toned dress is great for wearing in the fall / winter with a bootie, or even on a summer night with a beautiful sandal, the options to wear these dresses are endless, the detail from shoulder to shoulder leaves the piece more feminine, more delicate.

  The piece has some details in frills that is a super trend of the year, and also some details of poá in its fabric, which also leaves the piece more sophisticated. Great for making looks simpler with a more stylish look. Beautiful!!

 This is a great option to enjoy the fall / winter, the model is super classic, super-elegant and with a cotton fabric that is super comfortable.

 Plus Size dresses are also present in the store, and there are several models, this one with flare sleeve and rose color is one of the most delicate and feminine, leave the silhouette super defined and has a beautiful trim, perfect to wear in summer, or on the most flowering days of spring. See more here models like these in the store ZAFUL, and know the other infinities of pieces that the store leaves to our disposition.