Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but throughout the years people have been keen on following fashion trends to reflect their beauty by following a remarkably subtle yet attractive attire. Your clothing choices reflect a lot about you whether intentionally or not. Using clothing to express yourself not only lets you be more approachable by people who understand your look, but it also boasts how much you know about your unique aesthetic in spicing up what’s already out there.

Daring accessories

For people who want to go bold, they often choose clothing options that may seem unconventional or not as uniformly aligned such as similar colour palettes. Statement earrings come in a wide variety of choices from small figurines to pastel-coloured tassels, the kicker of your look doesn’t just bring an extra oomph in personality but also a much-needed individuality in your fashion choices.

Going fashionably retro

Retro sunglasses have seen something of a comeback as vintage, and retro-themed clothes are making a comeback. Large-rimmed glasses and floral print blouses are a testament to the timeless nature of fashion even from decades long ago. People who choose to go the retro route aren’t afraid to stick around the modern scene while wearing their cat eye sunglasses to show the younger generation how to kick it old school in a stylish yet sophisticated sense.

Bringing ‘personal’ into ‘personality’

There’s a fine line to be drawn when it comes to personalising your attire. Too much makes it embarrassing to wear while too little reveals that you’re too embarrassed to embrace the personalised attire look. Having your name, whether first name or initials or your zodiac sign strategically placed on your clothing’s aesthetic is one way to make your dress of the day personal and in touch with your identity. Take the individuality game up a notch by going past letters and symbols and going instead for fingerprint jewellery. Having your own identity imprinted into silver bracelets and dog tags isn’t just a bold and symbolic statement, it shows how creative you are in representing who you are.

Formally fit to wear

Nothing says professionally unique more than adding class together with style. Wearing a coat or a vest over your casual get-up while having the right formal accessories can express your creativity for the term semi-formal. You can never go wrong with brushing up your reading glasses and having the right watch to accessorise your hybrid formal attire. You won’t just be able to pull off a corporate look with a modern style; you’ll also prove that functionally dressed can also be fun.

The three Bs of accessories

If you’re someone who embraces being out of the ordinary while going on an adventure, then bangles, bands, and bracelets might be your best friends. Stacked bracelets can range from a variety of colour schemes and palettes depending on your taste. It can both be sentimental and a fashion statement in having your arm lined up by memories and mementoes of trips, places, and friends you’ve met throughout your life.