Gemstones, since time immemorial, have been used by the ladies as well as gents in maintaining their fashion statements. It was widely popular among the royalties, and even adorned the crowns of the kings and emperors of India. As monarchy turned into a democracy, these precious gemstones reached a more wide population and were possessed by those who could afford these. Diamonds, sapphires, pearls, topaz, and more were used in reflecting one’s style and personality as it is believed to bring out the inner self of a person and their taste.

In this article, we are going to talk about a very precious gemstone, which has been a best friend for the ladies for a long time and can be seen in the necklaces, amulets, rings, earrings, and other kinds of jewelry pieces extensively are none other than the Yellow Sapphire. Belonging to the family of the mineral named corundum, these gemstones are supposed to fulfill the role of enhancing attitude as well as the lifestyle of the person who wears it.

Yellow Sapphire – Origin

The best quality of Pukhraj stone is mainly found in Sri Lanka or Ceylon. It is considered to be the primary source of these precious yellow-hued beauties; but apart from Ceylon, other sources like Tanzania, Thailand, Australia, and Madagascar are also available. Thought the price of the stone mainly depends on the cut, clarity, hue, and texture of the sapphire and not directly on the source of origin, but still Ceylonese Yellow Sapphires are undoubtedly one of a kind.

Yellow Sapphire as Accessories

Natural Yellow Sapphire is widely and extensively used in fashion jewelry, which is especially used for special occasions. However, Pukhraj is also casually worn by many on a daily basis based on the fact that they look oh-so-good! Moreover, Pukhraj stones are also responsible for creating an ambiance of warmth and are treated as a symbolization of summer because of their sun-kissed color which resembles the warmness of the sun of the month, August. In past decades, people love it adorning their engagement rings as it appears as a promise of forever and togetherness. It is also worn by many in necklaces, amulets, pendants, and more.

The Cut and Clarity

A Pukhraj’s brilliance and gorgeousness depend on the way it is cut. A poor cut would make it look very dull and does not sparkle as it should. The cut is known for allowing the light to enter into the stone and make it look shiny and bright as a star! Moreover, the stones with perfect clarity are extremely precious. However, you need to be aware of the authenticity of the stone if you are about to buy yellow sapphire online. It is because, nowadays, synthetic stones are being widely manufactured and thus you run the risk of being a victim of fraud. So, it is recommended to make your purchase from the trusted online stores and also to check the documentation of the stone.

So, pair the lighter or pastel-hued yellow sapphire with white gold, platinum, or silver, and the darker shades with a gold ring or necklace and look like the diva you are! Buy Yellow Sapphire Gemstone online now to gift it to your lover on your fifth or forty-fifth wedding anniversary as it is the stone of love and cherished.