There aren’t many things guys don’t look at least half decent in but there are some items they look particularly good in. One of these is woolly jumpers. You can’t go far wrong with a woolly jumper from toddler age to granddad age and guys seem to be pretty fond of them too due to the lovely, comfy warm function of a woolly jumper mixed with the stylish element and the fact they go with anything making them super practical plus their long durability which makes them very cost effective. All in all the woolly jumper is a definite crowd pleaser from mums and girlfriends to brothers and husbands.
Most men look outstanding in black, grey, navy and brown-the standard man colours. However, if you want to step out of the box and into your own limelight then you may want to go for something a little more out there such as khaki (safe enough), red (cheery), pink (metro) or yellow (brave). Don’t be scared of colour, you might try something you never thought would work for you and be amazed at how it brings out your colouring, eyes and hair tints.
If the thought of a whole colour block scares you why not break up a bland colour with a colourful pattern? It doesn’t need to be a Christmas jumper all over pattern but some sharp stripes could do the job of turning a plain old jumper into a modern and interesting jumper. Woolly jumpers can look great layered over shirts, with a tie and under blazers meaning they can be worn casually for the down the pub or smartened up for work and dinner with the in-laws. They go just as well with smarter shoes as they do with trainers and can be worn with jeans or work trousers. Take a look online and in shop windows for inspiration on how to wear your woolly jumper, they can be updated with accessories such as a bow tie or a cashmere scarf to give them a new spin.
If you go for real wool bear in mind they retain a lot of heat and moisture but they do have a long life span and are a great choice in winter. Sometimes a thinner cotton jumper can be a better alternative especially if you’re planning on wearing it under a shirt or layer it under a thicker jumper. If jumpers aren’t really you’re thing you could always try a woollen cardigan or hoody that zips up so you’re still getting the heat benefits but fitting it into your personal tastes.

Wrap Up Warm In Wool