Work weeks can be long, so when Friday finally comes along, you’re ready for a night out coupled with a well-deserved beverage or two. But sometimes, it can be hard to sign off, run home and be presentable for dinner and drinks. With great power comes great responsibility and sometimes you feel as if you’ve stretched yourself (and your wallet) a bit thin trying to balance work and your busy social life. Save yourself the trouble of stressing over what to wear for your night out and check out these eight ways to wear your work clothes on the weekend. Not only will they breathe a little bit of life into your well-loved weekend wares, but you can make a quick change in the office and still make it to happy hour in time.

Look #1: Pair Trousers with a Tee:

If you think it’s impossible to make your work pants less professional and more playful, then you thought wrong. Instead of coming up with an entirely new going-out look, be creative by pairing your favorite black T-shirt with some seriously stylish trousers. Easy as that! If your work pants are good enough to wear for a big meeting with your boss, they are definitely worthy of whatever weekend adventures await you and your friends.

Look #2: Using a Blazer as Your Jacket:

Dress to impress this weekend with as little effort as possible by throwing a chic blazer over your otherwise simple attire. When it comes to exerting time and energy, you need to spend yours where it counts – like working on perfecting that big presentation in front of all your managers – and not in front of your mirror stressing over how to dress up your plain sundress. Add a little bit of class to almost any casual look with a sharp blazer and heels and you’ll be nailing the whole “work to weekend” look.  

Look #3: Focus on the Feet:

It’s no secret that the right shoe can do wonders for an outfit but, that doesn’t mean you need to break your back trying to live in your heels. Mix things up every once and a while and take to the streets in a fun and stylish slip-on shoe. A leopard or snake print mule or sleek loafer can make your favorite pair of distressed skinny jeans look edgier and dressed up with little to no effort. Add some statement jewelry and a fun handbag and you’ll have no problem stepping out of the office come five o’ clock and straight to happy hour.

Look #4: Wear Jeans with Your Work Blouse:

Give your office attire a new sense of style and wear that flowy work blouse hanging in the back of your closet to your next social gathering by pairing it with some chic and stylish black jeans. If you’re afraid of looking a bit too “professional” out with your friends, try wearing your button-down blouse opened over a fun and flirty tank and tied at the waist. For the ultimate casual-but-cute look, let your tunic hang loose over a pair of leggings and ankle booties. Either way, we’re sure you’ll stumble upon a winning look that’s refined, comfortable and trendy all wrapped into one.

Look #5: Keep Your Coat On:

For those weekend days on the move from one place to the next, ditch the hoodie and run your errands with a bit of flare. Dress up any basic weekend look with a sleek and stylish coat, keeping you warm and making a statement all at the same time. Not only is a chic coat a go-to choice, but you don’t have to worry about wearing a fancy top underneath. So, an added bonus to accessorizing with a stylish jacket? You can wear it over your pajama shirt in a pinch when you need to run out and grab coffee because you’re fresh out.

Look #6: White Sneakers and a Dress:

Keep things fun and flirty this weekend and dress down your favorite black shift dress with a pair of crisp, white sneakers. Add a pop of color by way of statement jewelry, a neck scarf or a trendy jacket and you’ll have yourself a cool and casual look that’s perfect for running errands or out to brunch.

Look #7: The Minimalist Look:

Sometimes the loudest statement you can make is the simplest. Keep your wardrobe clean, crisp and clutter-free this weekend with a pale and pretty color palette. Streamline your look by wearing white on white. White denim jeans with a flirty white top layered beneath a long, beige cardigan and nude heels are a stylish option. Resist the urge to over accessorize with statement jewelry and go for simple gold hoops instead. White on white too much bright for you? Opt for a monochromatic look that can work for any occasion.

Look #8: Classic Heels with Denim Look:

During the week your classic, reliable work heels tend to go unnoticed – just another professional piece of your work attire. That’s exactly why you should give them a chance to dress up your outfit on the weekends. Turn your reliable pumps into a new trendy accessory this weekend by styling them with that basic jeans and sweater look that’s comfortable but classy. You’ll love how trendy you’ll look with minimal effort – and isn’t that what weekends are really all about?

Whatever your style, you don’t have to break the bank for both work and weekend attire. These tips can help you save time and money when it comes to picking out a going-out look. Spend less time stressing over an outfit for after work, and more time enjoying your time out of the office.